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Not at her age. Kobe was right. She had it pouring out of such an emotional service. Janet Bryant spoke full Mandarin. She could speak and write mandarin and Spanish. I learned so much in the service so many cool things about her and I love that. I love that we got a little bit more personal touch both about her and Kobe. Because so much of what we've heard especially about. Gina was of course as a daughter right in relation to Kobe. And of course I mean she's still a teenager but I love the way so many of the speakers today humanized personalized her as her own young woman. I felt like that meant a tremendous amount and Kobe was the one who we were learning more about the relationship as the debt right. He's a father of a daughter that kind of thing and that warmth t mention that you guys were at these tournaments together. It was fascinating to me that you guys were so close earlier in your career you would come stay at his house in the summer two teenagers taking the NBA by storm together. Here's a year ahead of you giving you so much advice and then as you became competitors the way we know Kobe Bryant would do Kobe. Shut everything else out. You guys were of course still on good terms still friendly but not close in that way because nobody he was going against could be close to him and then in this last year the way your friendship reached an entirely new level as dad's was so amazing to me to watch. What does it mean to you to have that extra time with him in this entirely new way it meant admits everything Just to drive out to Orange County and watches girls practice and this is my first time really seeing him seeing him in a different light being around those girls the way he ran that the organization. I mean it was. It was like he ran like a NBA camp like a franchise With the trainers on staff and how they work how they prepare for Games. We go to these tournaments and just see how well coached. They are like Who made that? Thank you Gino was talking about. The the guy that you know wasn't able to be coached so here leading a group of young women and I mean when when I tell you watching them and and how well coached they were. It was just like a well oiled machines. Like you watch San Antonio Spurs. I mean. These girls were so disciplined so skilled triangle when she was like eight or nine is incredible in the triangles. Pretty tough to pick up a lot of the triangle stories. We heard were like half of the Kobe stories today. Were involved text messages at two thirty or three o'clock that I can tell you a whole thing going on with normal people are asleep. He he figured it out. I mean it's it's the second part of his life for me. He really figured it out and he was just putting his passionate toy and we can all see I mean he's he loves those girls. He loves his daughter in parade and her around and and just teaching hurt away. And for me personally. I got the opportunity to see her closing. She was on her way to greatness. Yeah I mean look. We've had this conversation a few times in the last few weeks. There's no reason she couldn't have been the best women's basketball player ever. We'll never know of course and the Goat Diana Ross spoke today but here's someone with Kobe Bryant jeans right so she had that going for her she was trained by the most sort of maniacal absolute best from an early age and picked up not only his athleticism but his determination. She was exposed to everything that modern basketball technology had to she was headed to Yukon as we heard Gino talk about today the best finishing school in the world for women's basketball players. And why not by the time she reached the WNBA could she not have been the best and the WNBA at that point would have been ready for her right the way it has so much more exposure now than it has in the past. It's hard not to see it and it's an opportunity lost and and part of such a great tragedy that we are reminded today. We're GONNA take a very quick break but coming up we will.

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