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Again to investors at John Gary Kaltbaum your host a thanks for being with us today glad you're here ladies and gentlemen happy that you are listening it's Friday it's may fifteenth two thousand and twenty and we hope you're having a good day as you know we pre taped the show now on the one PM our we do not do the show after the market so yesterday yesterday there was some news and I'm not making this up there was news late in the day I know this is boring but it's meaningful Taiwan semiconductor is going to open a factory in Arizona now if somebody would tell me that news like say okay cool to reflect it means that they're moving business to the U. S. to make stuff here terrific but it's not like a big deal to the companies in fact it may cost more for the companies because it's you know labor here is more expensive and lam research stock went up twenty two dollars on it KLAC ten Bucks on it with him what the hell is going on here welcome to the markets while swinging all over the map but the more you know the line the more things change the more things stay the same I don't even know how that line goes we're gonna have that for you today in depth on the markets but first if you do not get the.

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