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That we observed as we flipped resources into our flipboard magazine over the past two weeks in this episode. We have four trends. We're gonna share along with a recommended reading that. We suggest that you read. That goes with each of the four trends we in the episode as we normally do by hearing into the crystal ball and making predictions about the trends. We believe will observe in the upcoming two weeks. Abby start off by talking about are four trends and sharing recommended readings. Thank you tim. Yes as you said. We have four trends that we identified by looking at everything that we flipped into our flipboard magazine. These past two weeks. We did not have a huge number of articles although we certainly had enough to identify four clear trends But once again we didn't see as many articles and perhaps it's the time of year because we don't see as many research reports. Come out at this time of year as well. And we're not coming up on a big purchasing holiday so we don't see as many articles about new hardware but we did see four interesting things first of all. We did see hardware and software as being our first our top trend but most of it was software updates so we saw things like ios for the on operating system we saw the fourteen point four update. We saw google meet introduce something called green room which allows one to preview the audio and video before engaging in a in a meeting. We saw classroom connectivity review. Now this is for of hardware. As for the the t mobile hotspot we saw recommendations for managing zoom software we This is probably particularly interesting from just sort of a change in the overall approach to Some software that we all use. Google is planning to move away from using cookies. So cookies for all of us is anytime that the is how are search when we're searching this is how Advertisers are able to tell what we've searched for what we've engaged in and allows for targeted advertising. And it's something that has always been a controversial because people do not like being that individually that they could actually be because a cookie is actually bouncing off of your your own Search software so it becomes sort of like like for me. It's like we'll abby. Did you look at these. Lego toys lately and sort of like That's a little. That's more personal than i really want you to get..

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