Samsung Display says unbreakable, flexible screen passes U.S. safety test


The capital p. get this Amazon topped two billion dollars in quarterly profits for the first. Time in history three months we let that sink in they earned two and a half billion dollars in profit for three months ending in June, isn't? That just amazing this time? Last year they posted about, one hundred and, ninety seven million dollars in profit little bit of a difference. That right where's the money coming from Amazon's. Cloud computing, business AWS Amazon web services that division jumped to more than six billion, dollars in sales the company's. Other category tight about advertising services two. Point two billion in sales that's up from, one hundred and thirty two percent and then there's Amazon prime. This is where they made a killing they don't disclose new stats for, the quarter but more than one. Hundred million people pay for Amazon prime Now during this whole quarter they raise the price of prime from ninety nine dollars to one hundred and twenty dollars a, year? So is a pretty good? Chunk of change into the bottom line right, there now Jeff PISA he's a really interesting guy seems like. There's a lot of wealthy people trying to. Win this, space tourism race aside from visas of course you have Elon Musk Sir, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Says he plans to send humans into. Space by next year or if they sign, up by Amazon prime you're going to get there by Tuesday All right. Let's move to DNA analysis in collection big money there there's a lot of data mining happening. In these databases and. If you read the, terms and, conditions when you sign up to do. A, DNA test you pretty, much give the company who does the test right to do anything with your DNA from using it. For research or prophets to actually selling the data now the reason why I bring, this, up, is that the big pharmaceutical. Giant GlaxoSmithKline they're going to invest three hundred million dollars for a stake, in, the. Consumer start up, twenty three and me now this, new, cash for Twenty-three me is more than just spit in the test to folks they hope, to use Twenty-three in they say genetic data, get a lead up on pharmaceutical competitors They've, developed a strong business by selling those home testing kits they have more than five million users that's pretty amazing but the company planned on making it's real cash. Selling, spit and the juicy data with it to pharmaceutical research companies now the, GS, k. deal says that the pharma companies they need the patients with genetic profiles for clinical trials they're going to. Pay top dollar for all this data and just think for just a moment of all the. Insurance companies that would. Just love to get, their hands, on your DNA data and they will All right you ever drop your phone and the whole thing. Just shatter gosh what a nightmare isn't it and every single time you. Drop, your phone after that you, look down and you pick it up and you like this I. Of relief because it didn't shatter all over well new tech those days are coming to an end Samsung has unveiled the unbreakable oh LED, screen for smartphones in these tests the screen was able to survive being dropped twenty six times for about four feet with no damage I, need this the display also made it through a further drop. Of the test of about six feet. Now the new. Screen was actually certified as unbreakable by the underwriters labs now along with the drop tests the screen survive temperature tests. Said, at twenty six degrees below zero in case you, ever want to do a little hiking somewhere on some, high mountains or a high of one hundred and sixty degrees Fahrenheit which is perfect for us here in Arizona this time of year because tell you it was so hot this past week, that the cow Because they were giving evaporated? Milk right and finally a great story to warm your heart of former Florida woman was hoping to get just just a..

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