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Preventive stopping at worse and you know to see these very grimy tired firefighters you know deep creases on their face and the the fatigue just apparent in there is it just kind of really lit them up. I think that since appreciation of duty a sansom through a lot of ordeals out there and man they they need the support right now because fire season isn't over yet no in fact i'm although the weather has cooled off temporarily one of the big things that separate northwest is facing right now angela. There's a severe drought conditions. I talked to an incident. Meteorologist with the national weather service of renault rodriguez and he said that there's been two years already with just sixty seventy percents of normal precipitation which leaves the train of education more prone to fire so it's almost a bigger tinderbox and we would have seen even without those triple his attempts and i'll add to angela that many these fires are happening in the train. Kanye and some valleys or the smoke and heavy particular matter. Just gathers has nowhere to go. Sometimes you just can barely see across the street all right. Brian bull is with member station k. L. c. c. Brian thank you for taking time out to speak with us this morning. Thank you for having manjula before we leave. Want give you a quick update on our local fires here in washington state. The schneider springs fire has charred more than sixty eight thousand acres in yakima county. And it's really messing up. The air quality there the department of ecology now has it listed as hazardous. Some of that smoke could head our way later on this afternoon and firefighters continue to battle the twenty five mile fire in or near lake chalan. I should say it has burned more than ten thousand acres. Thus far are big thanks to all of the crews on the front lines facing so much this fire season..

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