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It's a little harder out in the western part, but they're, they're realizing how important it is to reach out to other Democrats into unaffiliated to make sure that we get these people out to vote. And that's just going on tremendously. Here. I live in Johnston county, which is in the Kansas City metropolitan area and the the the activity here is amazing. When we go into the office, there's just people there all the time phone banking or coming in for signs coming into get list to go out and canvass. It's amazing. It's really exciting, Kansas sitting tends to be maybe slightly older population, but what does the the youth vote? The youth energy looked like this year. Have been another one of our targets and we have organizers on the main campuses around the state. So k. u. k. state Ford, hey, state down in Pittsburgh. And so we have those organizers who are actively daily going out to get, make sure they get people registered to vote. And I was over at a KU event just about a week or so ago is a training session, and it was great to see the young people coming and learning what they need to do to get out and get to the voters, and then taking those lists and going out and knocking on doors. So you know, not only are they working on the campus to talk to people, but they're willing to go out into the communities around the campuses to and and make sure voters get out. So I'm very hopeful. What are some of the issues that you think voters are really concerned with the year because of the dire straits. I think that the Brownback administration put us in by cutting taxes and cutting revenue flow. We're still dealing with making sure we can fund our public education. So that's still a big one. Whether it's in the the suburbs or whether it's out in, you know, smaller rural areas, everyone's worried about making sure school stay open. But the other critical thing is Medicaid expansion, and we just recently had a hospital close in fort Scott, Kansas. So these, some of these more rural hospitals are not able to stay open and serve the those, those smaller communities. Because many of them do rely on, you know, the Medicaid services. So that's pretty important. I think that that's a big issue, those two things and then probably just make. Sure that we get back to a more stable revenue plan. That's fair for people might think that once it came out that there were actually businesses that weren't having to pay any taxes, people weren't very happy with that. So it's just about, it's about, you know, I think people realize we have to pay taxes, that's that's the way the state makes their money and then. But you know, Brownback went from a system of of having three sources of revenue with the income sales and property. He wanted to get rid of the income tax. But yeah, that just cut too sharply into the revenue and costs us in in keeping our roads up and keeping our schools funded and a lot of services. So. So those are some big issues. And then I think also just mental health services, making sure that we're providing for some of our neediest in the state. There's been some real problems with people being able to access services through through Medicaid. And then also some of our hospitals have had to close. I mean, just the the mental facilities people are really starting to see what happens when you cut so sharply. Cut back on the revenue. Is there any concern about of voter, registration, and voter rolls being updated and things like that? I know that people may know of crisco buck as the co chair of this voter, integrity, quote, unquote committee. And of course he is currently the secretary of state and is running for governor. And so you know, I don't know if there's any concerns about overly restrictive voter registration laws or anything like that. Big cred Sern. Yeah, we've had this concern about Kobe for years when he has. You know, specifically targeted with this voter ID law, you know, in in which is just made it so difficult for, you know, people who don't have the means maybe to track down their birth certificate and and find all the things that you had to had to have to get his no proof of citizenship kind of thing..

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