Congressman Crenshaw, Iran discussed on Michael Berry


And yet the Democrats have done just that they've called this an assassination they've made trump out to be a bad guy and to paraphrase what congressman Crenshaw says our relations with Iran the execution of the powers of the presidency do not begin with Donald Trump if these folks didn't complain when Barack Hussein Obama did it they can't complain when Donald Trump that it Barack Obama bragged to his aides in two thousand eleven I didn't realize I'd be such a guy that would be so good killing people if you were wondering what party be is up to because she'll be working to register voters for the Democrats in the coming year she says she's filing for Nigerian citizenship because trump is putting lives in danger I'm I'm sure she'll do great with Boko haram I'm sure that will turn out just fine for her I saw a man with one arm shopping at a secondhand store and I said you're not gonna find what you're looking for yeah the Democrats are now working so hard so hard to turn the American people against Donald Trump at the very time that he's doing probably the most popular thing he's done other then deal with illegal immigration throughout American history we've rallied behind our president at a time like this this guy hasn't gone rogue he hasn't gone seeking these problems children in this country understand what happened around Christmas on December twenty seventh when the Iraqis unprovoked attacked and killed an American contractor I guess because he wasn't a celebrity his life didn't matter the president responded as a way of saying stop that nonsense knock it off and then Soleimani organizes the bad gas to breach the American embassy and what did the media do they said all this is trucks been Ghazi it was as if they were rooting for American service members an American staff inside that compound compound to be killed so that somehow that would embarrass strong the difference between trump Obama is trump responded not out of control it was a surgical strike and it sent a very clear message Ayatollah every time you look up at the sky we're looking back at you already you can be gone before you realized what hit you I talked to a drone pilot with United States airforce couple years ago he had just published a book I cannot recall his name I have the book around here but I gotta Polish stuff just take my word for it and he told me then in this was under the Obama administration that when they engage a drone strike and vaporize one of these guys he was telling me about one of the bad guys and I can't remember was a star cow we are all lucky maybe is all like I can't remember which one it was but he said you can see through the camera through the missile until the very moment that it explodes he said it's a very powerful thing to experience when you fire in you're looking down it's like watching a closed caption TV are are a CCTV it's like watching something that that someone doesn't realize you're watching in these I said at what point do they realize the drone is about to head up he said well let's put it this way the immediate instinctive reaction to look up about the time they look up is when it.

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