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And in that just continues to would deepen as it heads northeast were toward us during the day on wednesday so the only thing that might spare assists time here as is far as the snow accumulation is the temperature profile uh looks like it's going to be marginal i'll the lot of its going to be rain especially for the cape ann islands and what about this house shore and the rain because that that ground he just can't take any more rain there was just some my rain in the storm and that is the problem you're seeing in the south shore communities where the groundwaters literally coming into your basement in a survey be that may be your problem again the design with rainfall amounts there're probably going to be on the order of another one two three inches and while this one made on how 90 mile an hour wind gust i wouldn't be surprised if we saw sixty to seventy mile an hour wind gust at the at the height of it which will be uh late wednesday afternoon wednesday night i will be the worst of it while the heaviest snow is look like they're going to stay northwest one 2008 not even that's probably going to be like a range of three to six inches so it's more rain and wind again unfortunately and it takes until thursday morning to wrap it up okay i wish you had said snow believe it or not uh i know i i you in that seems funny but it's just that rain is a problem all right dave maybe it'll changing it will get a little bit colder and we'll see less raynham more snow in spots like ducks free pembroke and the cape ann islands and the rest of the south shore northshore obviously lotta structural damage from the storm as well but again you're seeing scattered outages you guys are actually doing better at this point in time in terms of that all right we're a little behind schedule we're going to check in with tracey jockey with bloomberg business.

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