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And you're not getting any better night's rest than you are on on a leesamattress. I've got one I can confirm that Lisa's the best. We love them over here. All right. Let's get into today's show. We got a couple more interviews like I mentioned last time. We've picked up some new listeners over the course of the last few months. So I'm hoping that a couple of these shows are going to be new to some people. These are just some of my favorite interviews that we've done or the last six to eight months or so, and we got we got a couple more good wants today. The first one one of my personal favorites. I feel like you don't really hear this guy. Give interviews too often. He so busy that just being able to kind of sit down and pick. His brain was really it was incredible. This guy has has been an advocate of pats for a while. Now works at ESPN. He's been he's been doing what he can to try to get pats foot in the door. He's big fan of him. He loves what he does. Obviously, we all love what he does here. He's the voice of college football, one of the most handsome men in America. Ladies and gentlemen, Kirk herbstreet. Ladies and gentlemen, joining me now is a man who's an absolutely legendary humid on the television. He's the voice in face of college football. And it's a handsome face in a beautiful voice to be that. This weekend. He's at the Penn State Ohio State white out game. You can see him every Saturday morning on college game day, delivering the goods about college football weekend and week out. I met him for the first time at the ESPN college football wards whenever I was nominated for the Ray guy award Ray guy. Got it wrong. Didn't give me the war. But the weekend was a blast a true gentleman. Ladies and gentlemen, Kirk herbstreet. Three big man doing excellent. How are you perk? Your life is awesome. It's so fun to watch. You. Appreciate it. I I enjoy watching you as well. I'm fortunate. I remember you actually plan in college, and he had a brilliant NFL career. But you also obviously got it done. Very well the good old days back in Morgantown, West Virginia. You guys were you guys were always good teams back then we had a lot of fun patent Steve slate, and I wrote their coattails to a lot of wins. I walked out of there with an all time point score leader. And then I just If think you think about about it. it man rich rod was I mean, I I don't know if you're paying or not, but he was head of the game with this whole uptempo, and we're in the different wrist bands. And in a crazy guy on the sideline, and he was one of the first guys to really make that style. And and you know, he did it, you know, it's smaller schools and then there's an office coordinator, Clemson. And and then of course, when when he had Pat white Steve Slayton, I mean that was that was about as good as it gets. But I think a lot of people started to copy that offense and what they were doing. And now we see it all over the all over the country every week. I think he would tell you that too by the way. Kirk I want to dig into you a little bit. So you were a higher state starting quarterback? There senior your your dad was also how state Buckeye captain..

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