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Radio 6 80. W C B m and, of course. So this is a Wednesday, July the 7th and 2021 coming up on the program this morning. We've got a lot of stories to get to, including big government Big needle campaign. Killer. Cuomo declaring gun violence emergency Mayor Scott says gun violence will no longer be tolerated. Teachers unions are defending critical race theory for you, Johnny zero backing down on the Inspector general Bill. Will have the Pelosi Federal police force believe or not. She's now trying to start here own national federal police force. Did you know that there is a San Francisco office of the Capitol Hill Police will get into that story here a little bit later on this morning. As well as the Supreme Court, knocking down cackling Kamala. We have a crime wave surging across the USA. The latest examples of that the most bees are celebrating a big event will tell you what that is here this morning. Trent Lott, the former Republican majority leader in the Senate, thinks that the lockdown Larry would be a cinch Lock for U S Senate seat here in Maryland. And I want to ask you this morning. Is there any scenario in which you could find yourself voting for Larry Hogan for U S Senate because he's got no shot to be president. And somebody ought to tell him that. But maybe just Maybe there is a scenario where you know you'll be running against a avowed Marxists. And even then, some conservatives have said never again. Big announcement for President Trump coming up a little bit later on this morning. No, it's not that one. It has to do with social media will cover them coming up in our mega update for you here this morning. Bill Cosby, speaking out slamming the media will tell what he has to say, and I agree with him. For one Spike Lee is trashing President Trump has got Trump Derangement syndrome. We have a loop liberal lunatics of the day today between Keith Olbermann and Matt Dowd. Sikari Richardson has been left off the U. S Olympic team, a lot of teeth gnashing and hand wringing over her being left out. And we also have our guest this morning is Reggie Littlejohn. She is, um, again with women without frontiers. She's an activist, and she is all over. The chai calms their human rights abuses, how we should not be engaged with the Olympic Games. And much, much more and also story that broke last week. The rise of the Moors who are they? What are they up to? And why should we be concerned? About this this group now that was at a standoff for several hours on interstate 95 up near Wakefield, Massachusetts, So you can see we've got a full menu of topics to discuss for you here this morning. And hopefully we'll be able to get our audio working here at some point figure out what's going on there and get that Get that going for you as well. In the meantime, if you'd like to join us here for 10 Wcbm 6 80 What? 800 wcbm 6 80. Um Chairman Jo. Yesterday delivered remarks on the covid vaccination. And earlier on Tuesday, and we always have to confirm this because we never know if it's cognitive impairment or whether he just mis read the teleprompter. Or if you know, flat out just doesn't have a clue. But what he said yesterday is that quote we need to go door to door literally knocking on doors. To get people vaccinated. Here is the Chairman Jo saying that yesterday. Now we need to go to community by community neighborhood.

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