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One Democrats define impeachment their own way Friday on Houston's morning news the Senate has finally pass the the spending bill which is a two year agreement which well it'll take us through the presidential campaign and then all your rations ever some conservative senators originally opposing it trump seven eight and I went to sign this thing is gonna be plenty of time to cut the point is no government shut down between now and whoever is inaugurated on January twentieth which most likely be trump no government shutdown threat no campaign promise no campaign issue of a potential government shutdown that's off the table with this deal now before we get back to Democrat debate I want to mention something as I'm sure this is going to be irritating to a lot of you and I want to try to ameliorate it some by virtue of all looking at fox news finally got to the video that we had yesterday Elijah Cummings twenty years ago fox in nineteen ninety nine calming Baltimore rat infested now the two things about this Elijah Cummings was the target of Donald trump's tweets Elijah Cummings been out there beating trial Bob and his administration or the way children are treated at the border and trump has had it he pointed out the nature of Cummings district rat infested vermin infested garbage not picked up no human being want to live there Democrats predictably responded with trump's racist tweet there was nothing racist about it all it was was factual so we went back yesterday we found the Elijah Cummings he was he was committee member back then and he was questioning somebody making a speech about the need for more government to help cities twenty years ago when he was making the case for more money because Baltimore wise whacked infested with a drug infested drug and we made the point yesterday the infestation are using the word infested the Democrats and I'll say is racist and that's why trump is accused of racism because you'll you'll is the word you say some some places in infestation or infested with drugs and rats and so far it's racist well here was a larger Cummings twenty years ago but there's another point to make twenty years ago Elijah Cummings was complaining about drug infestations in Baltimore it's twenty years later and there's no change it's twenty years later and it's arguably worse in his district and so the proper question is what do you do about it using any of these problems ever get a dress yes they do they have money allocated but where does the money go I'm gonna tell you something folks Donald Trump is doing what we have wanted the Republican Party did do for twenty years and he's doing it so far in less than three now I may not be speaking for you but I'm speaking for me he is calling these people out on their B. S. every time they open their mouths but he does it always after being hit himself he's he's being accused of launching attacks on these people he's not Donald trumps trying to clean up the mess wherever it is in this country that has been ignored by previous people in government previous administrations congresses he's attacking things unemployment jobs trade deals immigration your name in the process Donald Trump is illustrating how all we've had is a bunch of talk and no action Anne's illustrating a time honored Democrat technique you blame Republicans for it your point on how rotten it is you get votes on that basis but yeah don't fix it because you continue to complain about it and you need the ability to complain you need a village you need a demon so you allow drug infestation to remain in your district or in your city you make a show of trying to fix it you get federal money allocated but you don't fix it and then the media being on your side makes all this possible you're come along the next time and accused the Republicans of no compassion of racism and bigotry they don't care about poverty they don't care about drugs are given and trump's head is full of it so he's turning it right back on these people and in the process we get video and audio of Elijah Cummings twenty years ago nineteen ninety nine complaining about drug infested Baltimore how much money has been allocated to Baltimore to deal with this in any other problems still there are problems still they're not solve not addressed even not fixed arguably worse that's the real observation people should make there's been nothing that has changed no improvements have been made arguably it's worse and who's in charge who runs these places who presides over these rap and drug infested metropolises that's right the Democrat party that's where all of these masses are and especially if there isn't any opposition if the Democrats totally on it if there's no check or balance of there's no opposition the Democrats are allowed to run free and be who they are they end up making the biggest mess of the places they run and we finally have somebody pointing it out rather than trying to suck up and curry favor with them for the express purpose of showing how we can all across the island work together now the story that is out there it's it's on on one level it's a very positive upbeat story on another level it is not dammit I knew it inspector general Michael Horowitz is preparing a damning report on James call me is conduct he has referred to him for possible prosecution under the classified information protection laws this according to John Solomon at the hill who had this three last night unfortunately Solomon is reporting that the department of justice under the Attorney General William Barr has decided not to prosecute call me for the alleged infractions now what we're talking about here is just as bad as what Hillary Clinton Hillary Clinton had an off site server that was on secured an unprotected in her home on which she was trafficking in classified information she was taking classified information out of the office of the state department by way of putting it on her server at home she was using email addresses that were outside the state department email domain and her server was unprotected it was hackable and it wives and remember when call me listed all of the legal violations imagine life it press conference and then said we're not going to prosecute because we don't think she intended to do any of this and therefore no reasonable prosecutor whenever making case it turns out that call me did the same thing when call me retired or was fired from the FBI essentially goes home and we've learned that FBI officials were taking classified documents out of the office to call me at home and then call me was leaking that stuff for him in an honest expressed reason he gave us was he wanted to trigger a special counsel to investigate trump after he had been fired according to Solomon sources the inspector general reports due in September well concluded call me who leaked classified information and showed a lack of candor but department of justice prosecutors declined to bring charges because they didn't think they had enough evidence to prove that call me intended to violate not this is clearly that's that that that that is clearly not true at the end it has such a similar echo to the whole Hillary thing except now its bars said well I know they call the intended then we may not really have enough here to make a case what where is this lack of intent when did this come from it's not in the law just because you didn't intend to does not there give your protection here it shouldn't have been extended to Hillary it shouldn't be extended to call me and as I say it's the same rationale that call me you is to let Hillary off the hook for violating the espionage act and what call me did here this is not insignificant he actually had allies at the FBI after he was fired bringing classified documents home to him what do you think those were about there were about the trump investigation on a number of things that those were among the things call me was leaking what arranging to be late now from this story this is the potential upside it may well be and this is my own speculation it may well be that they've decided to let call me off the hook on this because there is so much that is so much worse that they're gonna they're gonna save their fire from those violations from the from the story call me not completely off the hook however he and others inside the bombing your F. B. I. and the V. O. J. still face legal jeopardy in other ongoing problems by the inspector general and it the bar appointed special counsel John Doar according to former acting Attorney General Matt Whitaker of a call me memos were under review by U. S. attorney John Huber during an appearance on fox news Monday would occur let slip we still have you ever out there looking at some of these things regarding commies numbers one not humor is the guy that that that that Jeff sessions appointed every thought he'd gone away every thought Huber had been basically superseded by by bar in Dora but the IG report least reaffirms what has become clear to Americans the past two years call me entered the F. B. I. chief job with a reputation for excellence but he ran a bureau it suffered from an aptitude political shenanigans leaking and significant human failings all of which sharply contrasts with the morality lectures is become famous for frequently offering since he was fired so call me he's been caught and let off the hook because they don't think he might have been tempted and the potential upside here is that wow this is very serious stuff and it is prosecutable and there are people in jail for what Hillary Clinton and call me if com is off the hook on this there are people saying that and what bars looking at in the rest of this whole the the origins of this silent coup call me is going to be facing much worse along with all of these other players we'll see we've been waiting we've been waiting for how many years fox for this stuff to pay off they've been people predicting every week for the last three years that the song was gonna come cascading down on the bad guys and so far it hasn't and now we learn that call me is going to skate on this and on the other side of that there is implicit trust in bar and door and now we learn Hoover humor still out there so we'll just have to wait and see September the big month for the IG report quick time out will be back and continue after.

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