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The job show. But this is a really bad look for Rappaport. More on the independent administrators report on drug test claims source said it was determined that read was drug tested fewer times, and he publicly claimed liar liar pants on fire. The NFL would have to be idiots to target Eric Reed because of his stance on the national in Doug. Lee weekdays at three pm eastern Pacific. He's much more. Well rounded on Fox Sports radio. Ben maller show. As far as Trevor lords the floodgates of open. Now, if you've been paying attention some of my favorite, and I put some of these together Trevor Lawrence is better right now somebody who wrote the nineteen starting quarterbacks in the NFL. Really? He's better than nineteen starting quarterbacks in the National Football League. He's played no games in the NFL. Weeknights at two AM eastern eleven PM Pacific on Fox Sports radio. In this this from the rich Eisen show. Now, you're hearing already tank for Trevor 2021 draft is when he's going to be eligible, and I I wanna stop two things in the bud right here. One one was stopped last night. And I want us to not want to nip this one in the bud right now the rule is in the NFL. You must be three years removed from your high school graduation to be draft. Eligible bats the rule. The NFL has every right to do what they wanna do. And you could say the NFL does it to keep college football active. Keep college football is robust because it's a free. Minor leagues for that. Turn the show back on the rich Eisen show is coming in. Is the rich Eisen show favorite weapon is the look in your eyes. From the AT and T studios in Los Angeles. On it that a little bit more. Online at richeisenshow dot com for joining us. How surprise where you buy the final result last night? Do you think of that earlier on the show NFL network insider Diene report coming up Tampa Bay Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians, host of ABC's the bachelor Chris Harrison? And now, it's rich. Our number two of the rich Eisen show is on the air. Welcome to the program. If you're just joining us you missed Ian Rapoport with the latest on the coaching church. He believes that Gary kubiak will be joining the Broncos staff as either the offensive coordinator or heavily involved in the offense. Isn't that a me? I mean talk about a former head coach Super Bowl winning.

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