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Loudest listening to this were you in the same. Sir. Her. It's the same with her. She was miss negative pants, right? I mean, it's like they are living on a different planet because they want to live on a different planet. That's the they want to be in. I hate Trump land. Gosh, I mean, but it's just sounds so dumb. I mean, like AO see, for example. And I think we have audio of her because of course, that's who Rachel Maddow, chose to immediately. Of course. But she was actually responding to Peggy Noonan who tweeted out that. It was a great speech. It was it was solid. I don't care who you are where you are. If you hate him, you have to at least be able to recognize the fact I mean, take your tedious out of the equation, try for like one second, take your Trump derangement syndrome, and just put it aside. And just recognize the fact that it was a good speed. Right. And that the results that he listened are good results. And that's what's so amazing. Is watching them not Stander applaud for like the economic success. Our countries have been even Nancy had some times where she was clapping. And she was like all right. I have to give it a guy. Yeah. Some of this stuff is I mean, even Nancy. Yeah. So Peggy Noonan points out in her tweet that solid speech get speech, and she also called out Alexandria, causing a Cortez and said something about how she looked bad because she was so scowling she looked like she'd been denied dessert after dinner by your parents, really bratty. And so. So take on it. And we'll hear a little bit of this too. But her tweet in response said why should I be spirited and warm for this embarrassment of a state of the union address tonight was an unsettling night for our country, the president failed to offer any plan any vision at all for our future were flying without a pilot. And I'm not here to comfort anyone about that fact, and I'm just like what what where are. Yeah. It's like exactly where the hell are you? Because the rest of us are over here hearing, the plans and the vision, exactly. And if she's talking about plans vision, the same check you ask her where the forty trillion dollars is gonna come from. And she's like feelings, let's say let's take a listen to what she said to Rachel Maddow experience.

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