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No, you first place. You bring in the clock down second place. You could have set your your offense a little bit more to play weren't. I know. Greatness minutes. I know, but I just I it wasn't like I was screaming at the time. Like what what are you doing? Now, I was all four it. I was like I was upset because I was reading what are you doing? And then that happened. And I'm like, I just thought you needed to just you had time you got foles. He so good down there. They're scared to death. You don't want to leave any time. It didn't make any Russian. It just seemed like I'll give you foles can be damned good down here. But falls was awful for mostly that game. If he's going to he's going to be good Sania an eagles hadn't even scored a field goal signed on. And I guess you think you have him on the run. Maybe you catch him. But I was like what it just preoccupied with scoring since I hadn't thought you had a better chance to score feared settled down a little bit. Just you had. It was all working in your favor. It was everything was going like it was supposed to go and play just dropped the ball. And you didn't drop the ball because the play was. Yeah. I think they all expected. They were gonna go to the two minute warning. I like what are you can do? I just I just know what I was doing thinking, what are you doing? Now. I was I was completely the other way. I was thinking God. Please don't his exactly what I was thinking. Please don't have eleven seconds left for breeze after you get. And I have confidence in Doug Peterson had all Sean caught that ball, then he would have went to that method. Get there. 'cause you're you're not even in the red zone yet. You haven't scored all stinking day liner Reeser doesn't make it. Does. It does. If you're head coach having scored the whole game scored since five minutes gone in first quarter. Yeah, you're telling me you have confidence out of the blue that you're going to score there. Yeah. 'cause it's Nick foles because I think the magic of work. I actually thought it was gonna work. Bill. Go home like this too. Good to be true. It's going to happen was a fifty two yard and play just before the to push them back. Like, it's like this is going to happen again. Sure. Look, but I'm not gonna blame it on that. In fact, that he dropped the ball dropped the ball. And he's on the ground is like it's just played out. Just. It was it was. But it's a lot to ask to go down there. We had leaders everything was going that thinly when they did that. And I'm like, oh, man. They're scared and they knew they had. And then they got a big penalty against them to call a p touchdown back. I'm like, whoa. It's gonna happen. They got lucky that Brandon Graham, just in a formidable stupid call that was when they first made it was what are you guys? Don't wanna scream on Graham that hard because he made the play. Oh, yeah. It was a great play balls squiggle down, man. Well, who knows what with that quarterback? They are what they would have pulled off. Anyway, I mean, those guys that's a damn good team that. Well, panic at all I had a caller hours ago, and I might have came down too hard on this. But. He said, well, you know, that's what happens when when you let a team like the saints saints hang around and they went led a team like the saints. Hang around the best team in football. Yes. Yeah. You should never let the Bengals hanging around. Anyway. Yeah. But you can't say that you're letting saints hanging around you give them three seconds. And they were going to me. It was just it was a it was a just a great game seat. I mean, the whole thing was just every everything this season, by the way breeze turns forty tomorrow. God tomorrow. He turns forty so you got quarterbacks in the playoffs. Still that are in their forty two of cheese. And then yeah, the home. Yeah. You got. Wow. That's amazing. That's amazing. And I said this about football because the pads and a helmet. That doesn't look any different than me. Then when he was thirty. The ad when he does the no with the helmet off. I say well now, it's the same even then. He's got that ad with a credit card. Kept running. You have a good day today already. They're the big daddy Graham. Let me talk to you about my dentist. Dr Craig Don cherry hill, route seventy if you come from Philly, you go a little bit past Springdale. And he's right there on the right hand side. I've been gone Dr Don now for over twenty years. So listen to me, this is not just some commercial read a day came to me. Dr Don didn't say we would love their sponsor your program, and they've had wild success with it. And for good reason, they do great work. And I know for a fact they do because when I had all that radiation thirty three of them down my throat, my Jefferson doctors told me that my teeth. We're going to start falling at a year, and he did in Dr Don got them all back in the right spot. It took a lot of work a lot of know-how imagine what he can do for you for more routine work. And by the way, it is routine work with Dr Don launch. The dentist say now this won't hurt a bit. Oh, my God got water coming down in your is not Dr Don he does no work on you at all. Completely numb and comfortable in that chair. And I don't know how important that is to you. When you're choosing a dentist, but.

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