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Do this so john anderson thirteen so these are all going to be all the weird little stories of everything that happened in this town fucking weird. There's a bunch of small little fucked up shit happening. All around this town. So john anderson. Thirteen ran away from home with his ten year. Old brother from there. Anderson shot the owner of a remote farm at close range so a thirteen year. Old boy shot a farmer fund time. The bronx took over the deceased farmers property until the farmers brother paid a visit. The farmer life go. He gave me the fuck and reigns to the key here. See here. I got the deed. I shot him in the chest. In your what. I started plowing. I start getting the farm ready. I took care of this farm after shot him. As far as the younger boy confessed to the crime but anderson took off leading the sheriff's on a manhunt. An officer was killed during the chase but anderson was eventually caught and sentenced to life in prison at thirteen. You have no. He made a mistake. Leave him alone of data data. Don't don't leave him alone. Don't be like oh you scally wake on your way like like years. Let him out. It like forty five. Yeah it sucks. You just fucked up hard but you can still have like a little bit of your adulthood before. He turned into a senior citizen. Senior citizen yeah. True a six hundred thirteen. Yeah i guess. Yeah because i think he made a mistake in out what was in it because it's weird but a lot of people in this town were like they were caught and you translate states. Are you having a beer. All nice canadian bear canadian behind eighty and so like all these days are having and people starting to translate states where they would just fucking like. It was like they were possessed and stuff. That's what people believed in the witchcraft part of it. Because there's like do the bar and they could translate state and then fucking just drank over and over until he died. And then i same guy. That same bar got drunk. Shot himself in the head. What kind of drugs were back. Then pure cocoa leaves chewing on them. Now opiates pastor heroin did exist differently. Smoked it i don't fuck. I know what they did back then. I don't know drugs around the one thousand nine hundred so fucking no. They probably hoped it. They've shoved also fucking dandy lily alliance again. But he's like just just like scouring his face like a fucking dog on the puck and so some of this is going to fuck and do something and you just eating anything you can to see what. And then he discovers mushrooms any becomes a guru and he becomes gandhi in the future when he reincarnates and many eats poison. Ivy and is exactly. What would happen if you ate poison ivy. Once you find out where recorded do that. That's a duty your insights. I don't know your skin. Lower your looks. Fuck your stomach like that. Just to your whole fucking intestines would be just fucked. I could see like it was just start poking holes like a fucking fish tank that come baseball dick thrown into somebody and then post that google on the strange. Roux heads facebook page and answer. This question. what happens. If you eat. Poison i i i i was like. What are we saw a six year. Old woman found a small sore on her back believing that it was incumbent mass with cancer and would take her life she attempt to so she thought it was cancer and when they would take her life so she attempted to remove it ourself to hear the supposed ailments or the is supposed to be cured with the you know. The woman doused herself in kerosene. She went out to her backyard and she let herself on fire for a fucking thing on your back my feet and all my other limbs. But this'll be own. I don't care. See not i didn't put in kerosene face so i should be fined. Grandma what are you doing. She's like just dosage gasoline's care amash seeing like grandma's outside a she looks a little wet are now she's pulling out a match shit and then she just goes in a blaze and other fan. I always think of those. I just think she's trying to late. Commit acts taking forever. You fucking cancer. More skips trust striker match. And then zippo salesman comes by and he's like hey do i got a fucking care for you. I'll even watch. You heard all easy. Drop it and it's still on fire. So mr john larson. The wife of a farmer suffered from mental illness and believed that devils were after her. She took her three children out to the beach and then drowned them. One by one in lake. St. crocs you fucking psycho. She says john larson search for his family could only recovered the bodies of two of his children. So that's fine was missing. I don't know where it went but coulda just went to the bottom line. Didn't scour the whole fucking plays. Yeah went down river and you said river the lake to the beach. Yeah yeah guys picking up pop cans on the beach and just like oh. I wonder how much i can get for. This aside throws it over shoulder. Those great beer store. What is this. This is what i'm paying with. It's definitely on the black market. This is worth like forty grand. So i'll just take two hundred children's fucking livers and shit like that and hearts and stuff are worth a lot in. The black market is discussing to say but that should happen. It's people get abducted and they'll fucking kill the kids and like cut them stripped him open and then. They put all their organs in the freezer. Fucking freezer bag. Missed named mr bean has the heart. I don't remember mr bean movie. it's the park. No and he's supposed to care. Put this oregon. And he's supposed to deliver it. So he picks mr bean up. And mr bean keeps fucking like tossing around the heart and he fall drops it and it's all dirty. I haven't watched the mr bean movie. Fucking love mr. bean. I know is funny. If you love mr bean gimme a all right. So after the fuck to the banks collapsed distraught farmer decided to take his own life. Christ wold his name was christ. Sold a name said wolfe w. o. l. d. christ old so that's a bad ass name see methods at the time such as hang himself or using a gun instead christ dug a hole and then shoved the fucking spikes was rested. Hung himself on across. I'm joking in and do that. Shut the fuck not fucking. Just.

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