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Going on everyone. Hey welcome to another episode of G. You Nights. Do you. Just get all gooey. I got they want me with me. I'm not in a chicken costume. But John Shelby chicken comes there. You go fuck suit. Chubby Chubby chicken folks. I'll have to bring that up to the wife actually thinks about what a what a talk about. But the fact that my mother has heard Amy Amy Bogart and I talk about a come covered chicken suit. Maybe the thing that your parents found out about you that you didn't want them to know about is maybe the best way to start. This is not only the thing that you didn't want them to know about. She thing that they didn't want to know about what parent wants to know there there. Yeah no no no no. I never win anything sexual to do with my child ever. No no no. Yeah so the last I will ask from US one episode. You will not hear on Keith. Father covered chickens. Never never never never never never never so. Yeah last year from us. We did talk about a come covered chicken suit as well as multiple other things because it was a free play is free play which is kind of not just lead to come covered. Chicken suits it's Charles Progression of conversations. Classic term. All roads lead to become covered. Chicken suits right so like maybe Robert Frost said I think I think Tom Hanks started movie. Called Road to come covered chicken suits. And you know it's the sequel to road to perdition. I'll say where's the comics. So they can change over to the movie format you know title for Holy Oh. I'm glad you're back listening because the factors still with us means you. You do love us only all the way and put up with this guy to at this point for some reason. Yeah yeah all. Our listeners are fucking Massa's that to some degree sweet. That's why we like you as we are fucked up over here in more ways than one and the people join me on this fucked up Bouna podcast called. Gui Nights to my right. We have the the the big sexy of the GUI network. Doc what might have a bicket. Yeah all right. I'm going to be the Hopefully in two thousand twenty the ethan suk-lee and just get fucking Jack. Ah I WANNA talk about that for a half second and just avoid talking about all the shit that I do on the network because fuck do was looking for the boat and mallrats. What's the Best Red Money Missouri? Yeah right big dude. Like is Jack fucking taking diesel. Now and he's got to show that we have no relation to whatsoever. So I'm not even GONNA fuck. It mentioned the name of it. Now right yeah but but like I listen the first couple of episodes and it's Are The teaser. Naps Odin yet solid. But that's GONNA be gone. Gui In two thousand twenty. And I heard into a fucking mom I one hundred percents and I have nothing but love for that. I do Mr Fucking powerlifter over here sweet. Nice we'll go fuck yourself in the ad though. I don't take motherfucker Barrett doesn't reach for the back of his brain is like finally somebody that can lift with. I have my wife out jeeter. The she's got a meeting like a week from when this is released is and might be able to lift you so as as I say per capita but as for ratio reasons you could probably outlive me. She was my size. You'll be lifting more than me. Probably see that course fuck man but I also I like to fight. That's more my main thing. I like to hit things train. I do try to gear towards that but I do I love lifting I. Just that's all I'm focused on. She loves she focused on it and she trains for that. And that's what she fucking. That's ball around. Yeah you know. And the high pitch man voice you just heard Orley. Oversized child is a Scotty Preston. Purveyor of GIG Father Overseas Child. That's that's accurate. Looks like uh looks like a giant Amish Baby Oh that's a new one there you go so we've got plenty of white quake quake giant homicide. He the wall rescue. Do you owe Scotty half long figures. I Dunno see well well. I've had these names going on for almost five years response. Box lunch boxes. been with me for you. Know blessed the Kevin Smith. Yeah that one's been there for a while so I won't even have the Jersey Devils Practice Jersey with breath. The custom made lunch box with the number thirteen on the back. That's yeah why haven't I seen this. I don't know if you're never warn this. I'm sorry I don't wear my hockey jerseys around you. Why wouldn't you rather than episode? especially we've had given episodes you've been on sir. Yep It does where also during warmer weather. That's true there. They are heavy and and I only had a half along for one of those episodes and trying to breathe in hockey. Jerseys not always fun fair even even with full lungs. Yeah No. They are made for the colder climate of a hockey rink. Eight exactly and then next to big daddy. We've got amy bogart allow you got some shenanigans going on here with our with our purveyor of the Gui here you are the main host of the newest on the Gui a UI media. Network do yes upsetting. I should be sorry. It's definitely an affront to humanity. I know I'm associate. Oh so. She's learned quick on the G. Y.. Apologize for what you're doing doing. Only distinguished parking spot in hell. What I love about deeply upsetting so much is that there is no point where we're being? Overtly Offensive A to be offensive now during this during the show. There's no point where we'd be like and by the way the Jews crown. Yeah we're not we're not being overtly offensive just to be offensive. It's more that it's just that we keep riffing off of each other and getting darker Kerlin darker where it gets into this really weird and upsetting place. If you've already under dry hand jobs maybe tune into deeply. Did you ever that all day. Maybe across from you go up a little red. It was too much dry bills. Go under the table. More than there are. I'll say that much lotion. I thought you would use it right by. The pain keeps me awake. Wake you. It's like ten PM hottest. Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah deeply upsetting so much fun to record and I really hope that at least some of that translates into anybody. That's listening outfits. It's just GONNA be tears. It's it's IT'S A. It's a tire fire. That is no I it is I mean. That's the premise. Suppose it's it's a will choreographed tariff. Even though it's not choreographed it's just like natural flow of just out to the fact that the fact you guys have been able to bring in another level of tire fire away from the normal Gyi as well. It's a separate. It's Assembly of Tire. Fires was was in the simpsons where he had the entire fiery here in another one over there just to separate decides the street or something that never have we ever never have. I ever had a tire fire on. Gui that is deeply upsetting. I don't feel like we did. This was this was. This was a necessity for the network alley. gave their freedom right something that kind of important to have on the network as well as something. That is a little bit accessible. Even if you're if you're beat them is in like as big as maybe it would be for geeks influence one hundred percent. It isn't ah not as eccentric where you have to know the references to get the jokes that were doing. This is more common life stuff. The references are lot more accessible able to shoot non geek reference culture. Well because that's me and so why we started is because I am fucked up the Star Wars. Yeah I would say that for those that enjoyed the final and he definitely made a final Ricky Gervais intro to the Golden Globes. A few weeks back upsetting is that on steroids so tune in true okay. I'll take that that dude fucking basically what everyone wanted to go fuck themselves in the ass with a baseball bat truth and it was amazing. I loved it and you guys do that. He he had to be a little cold back deeply upsetting. We don't.

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