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I would say in some sense that I've had in North America. He's been attacked by the press. He's a conservative gay guy. And and it was really interesting meeting him because he's very soft spoken, and he is absolutely immovable. Like, you're not going to intimidate him. Or even if you do you're not going to scare him into not saying what he thinks. And you can just tell that just by even though he's very calm. Very polite. He's very self possessed. Kind of reminded me a bit of Stephen Fry go at that same kind of elegant control, you know, very impressive. He's got a spine bloody steal the guys monster and Lindsey shepherd. You know that girl that suing Wilford Laurie university. Some you know about that she was a teaching assistant at Wilford Lori. University in Canada who was showed a dared to show a clip of me from public television to her communications class and got just rate over the coals for it by her idiot. Perfect by idiot professors and administrators hired for that purpose. She's another person like that. She's got up bloody spine of steel that girl. She's only twenty two and she don't mess with her. You can't move her. And those are people that have their shadow integrated. It's like we have a great capacity for mayhem an evil. Make no mistake about it. And you can you can take that. And you can put it in you. And then behind you, you know, if you take stock of it if you can see it if you're willing to contend with it, you could make it part of you. And then it becomes something that makes you immovable in the pursuit of good. And it's not because you're naive and weak. It's not that at all. It's because you are absolute bloody monster, but you're wanted in the right direction. And that's the incorporation of the shadow that's to get the anger. The aggression working for you to get the fear working for you to get the sexual attractiveness, and charisma working for you all lined up behind your aims. That's an integrated character. And that's and this isn't this isn't abstract philosophical musing, quite the contrary. One of the things that you do in psychotherapy very very frequently. So there's get your story straight. There's face. What you fear, but there's something else to which is. Integrate your anger well enough. So that you can say what you have to say. And so think about it this way magin that your conflict avoid you not a sort of few conflict avoidance. How can you tell your resentful? Right. And so here's two reasons why you're resentful. There's only two one is your immature and pathetic. And you should get your act together. That's reason number what? And now there is you're being oppressed. You're being bullied, and you have something to say. And you're not saying those are the two reasons now you should start with the first one because you know, you're a mass of contradictions, and you're not everything you could be. So maybe you're just whining resentful. So how do you figure that out talk to some people and say, look, here's the situation. This is what's happening at work. This is the person I think that is mistreating me, whatever here's my list of grievances. Is it me or is is something not good here? And maybe the personal. Say well, here's some of it. That's you look really looks like this is not a good situation. You have something to say, it's like, okay. You have something to say it's gonna make you resentful and bitter not to say it. And if you don't say, you're gonna stay oppressed and and unhappy victimized so you're going to have to learn to say, it, how are you going to have to learn you're going to have to get that aggression? That's manifesting itself in the resentment all the fantasies of revenge that go along with that you're going to have to integrate that and you're going to have to start to use it to your strategic advantage. And that's that's a sort of -ness training. It's like the third most popular thing that psychologists do. It's like, okay, you've got something to say we're gonna we're going to help you figure out how to put your damn case forward..

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