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That that was one of the best speeches are that i'd ever heard him give and the it was inspiring and touching inappropriate and was well done and uh uh i i i can only hope that president trump will continue in some of this spirit where we're recognizing the political disagreements aren't the equivalent of a someone being an enemy um john one of the things and you alluded to it and it mystifies me we heard all through the election campaign that voters are angry their angry there and it's anger anger anger and that uh bernie sanders was a very angry candidate donald trump was an angry kennedy knob what what do you think an added at its core the anger is about i think he does some issue about people feeling of blow uh very gkn award that their interests are not being taken into account that they are not a cure of the debate or discussion era in the united states have met other people are taking centre stage jim i think with the very knocked from destructive attitude from factor that what you don't want people could be at the centre stayed joe american politics american politics should be above you know managing our freedom and not about you know providing devonshire people based on clear ray for gender or you know financial position really and so uh you know we've gone to a place from which people basically paying their fair share what about me what about me what about me what about me and wake him and it was true of all you know narcissistic we've got a lot of very helpful way to think about how veto you should live your life than go about your daily life appreciate it let's go to jail in omaha nebraska joe you're on the michael medved show with john putt haaretz thank you um i i'm really god.

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