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The activities surrounding them including ambient temperature pressure gases detected in the area in any unknown process. Safety degradations remote operations now. In the scenarios described operator actions in the field produced extensively within refineries and petrochemical complexes operators should be focused on performance improvement rather than data collection and manual analysis. The achievement of control center locations away from the plant site is now more possible than ever before however remoteness is also for project activities within a facility as well as for new units expansions or revamped units the changes and infrastructure control safety and security including cybersecurity can be achieved remotely with minimal plant impact up two point of cut over business achieved by separating the design of control safety and security infrastructure from physical equipment and using universal. Ayo that renders every control cabinet the same in every channel able to be configured for any input or output purpose with remote capabilities also comes the prospect of remote support for control and safety systems infrastructure. This can be achieved a cyber secure way with the control and safety system asset doing the talking on the state of their health and performance. And lastly we're going to discuss enabling systems infrastructure and industrial process control risk assessment methods identify where critical false concur with a high consequence and personnel design and implement ways to verify that a single failure does not cause disruption being resilient means failures can occur but the system or operation continues to operate normally in recovery is automated if something fails are redundant controller takes over the computing load for example certain companies allowed multiple process controllers to operate as a distributed mesh like a data center of controllers now. This approach enables simpler project engineering because control strategies no longer need assignment to a specific physical controller instead they can be deposited into community of controllers that will automatically distribute control to wherever that is available compute across process controllers now. This contrast with traditional redundancy in which a single fault triggers backup failure and a second fault causes an outage with resilience operation continues even with multiple faults running until the computing is exhausted simultaneously. Resilience must be considered across the entire operation ensuring that operations can't continue in the face of equipment failures power outages and weather events and important lesson from current uncertain. Times is that the industry was not fully prepared for a common cause issue that affected humans having backup control. Centers helps increase automation resiliency. So now this podcast is examined. How intelligence resilience and atonomy can be achieved across functional domains as much as possible. The decision space or governance domain between functions should be linked to benefit operations. There are always new technology. Developments targeting more autonomous operations and these also play a role in interactions with operational activities the gradual maturing of operations across multiple domains towards more intelligent resilient and ultimately autonomous operations. Mush remain industry imperative again. We want to thank you for listening to the latest installment of hydrocarbon processing podcast.

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