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Some of your thoughts on the Broncos at two eight six zero four six. Eric says leadership failure. From Elway threw coaching staff through captains, not at all happy with the lack of leadership on all levels of this team. They're being out coaching outclassed on a very consistent basis. I think coach Joseph is in over his head and never has an answer. After the game. He's always got to watch the tape. Let's see. You're absolutely right. Vance Joseph has got to go that is from Matt. Andrew says Vance is to blame. It can't let the team run wild like that. Denver equals bad coaching this from Roger Rockies, equal never finish the season strong. We'll get to the Rockies in a minute. Doug Peterson with the eagles is the anomaly in this world. I mean look at. I was just going back through looking at some of the. Super Bowl champions. You know, just looking at the last few years Doug Peterson like I said is an anomaly, but you go back, and you look. Yup. Bella check. Used to be a head coach somewhere else and failed. Gary kubiak used to be a head coach somewhere else and failed. You have a p Carol you longtime ago but used to be an NFL. Hey, coach somewhere else and failed. I. Somebody. I don't know if Vance Joseph if he were fired from the Broncos that he would ever get another head coaching job. But I would tell you automatically the team that hires him next would get a better version of Vance Joseph 'cause you learn it's hard to learn on the job. And you look at some of the teams that are successful in the NFL over the last few years some of the teams that are routinely near the top of the division their respective divisions. Anyway, a lot of them were head coaches at one point or another, and they got fired, and they kind of did a post mortem on things and said this is what I wasn't good at it's hard to to improve on the fly. It's hard to recognize your faults and fix them. While you're still in the job that you have. Some guys can do it. But Vance Joseph doesn't seem to be a guy that can I I was because I was at the nuggets media today day today up in Denver. I heard a lot of Denver radio today. And I heard one comment from somebody that said does this loss. Take away all the equity that Vance Joseph built-up was like what equity he had no equity. He was given bay. Basically all John Elway said was well, you know, we deserve. He deserves for us to give him a little bit more support. Like, it wasn't a huge vote of confidence. It was like well. We got better at the quarterback position. And we got sure up some things, and it's not that Vance Joseph is great. And we just need to help them out. It just we who are you going to get. That's better. I got from John Elway after season like. We that we add John FOX, Gary kubiak, we advance Joseph. We've had way too many coaches for a franchise that is usually wins quite a bit. There's only been a few times in their history where we have seen two or three years where the Broncos are down. So there is there is no doubt that Vance Joseph is ultimately to blame because when you can't pinpoint it like case keenum's not the guy. We know this case keenum is not the guy. And I'm glad that some people. I I've seen on Twitter are starting to come around. He never was going to be the guy. Speaking of who else are we going to get I tweeted this out yesterday? Look at who the veteran options were this off season. Van. John Elway lied to you. Or misled you Kirk cousins, everything I hear says that Kirk cousins had no interest to come in the Broncos. He was always going to the Vikings. John Elway made it sound like they they chose case over Kirk cousins as true Kirk cousins didn't want come to Denver. Whatever reason. All things being equal. I'd probably want to go to the Vikings to given the situation that they're in the supporting cast. So Kirk cousins was again, come here. The chiefs came out and said publicly that they weren't they were had no interest in trading. Trading. Oh, Alex Smith in in the division. That was never going to happen. Either either you didn't know what Ryan Fitzpatrick was or the buccaneers weren't going to get rid of them because they still had you know, because of the whole stuff with James Winston Sam Bradford. And Theron Taylor have both been replaced by their own teams. Case keenum was really the best guy available. As a veteran QB. So you can complain all you want about the way. Case keenum is played any as a play good. But. The question, and I'll I'll put this out there now and see what kind of response I get back. And then maybe we'll go more in depth on on this tomorrow. But if I told you that you could have Josh Allen or Josh Rosen and a key to leave or you can have case came in Bradley Chubb, who would you choose at this point. Because they got rid of a key to leave. So they could put pay case keenum. And then and I agree with this part for John Elway Josh Allen. Josh Allen wasn't worth the fifth pick in the draft. I would've taken Josh Rosen because I believe a lot in Josh Rosen. And I think we'll start to see now that he is the starter in Arizona now. But given the lack of options for the Denver Broncos. You can make a case that going for veteran quarterback in the off season was the wrong move. But I think it was a move that we all wanted, and we all thought was the best. We said we gotta get in adult in the room. We can't we can't do this stuff. We're Trevor anymore. And Paxton we got we gotta get a veteran quarterback to come in. And case keenum sounds apart. He looks the part. He just doesn't play that way. He's a journeyman backup that had one good year. He's your he's your poster child for you know, guys in their walk year. We see it in baseball the time they hit three twenty when they're about to be paid. And then they regressed back to the main in back who they really are the following season because they earn that paycheck. So a case keenum is. So if I told you have Rosen or Allen take your pick because they were both available. And to keep to lead given the way that the the secondary played yesterday or you could say, you know, what I'd rather have chopper keenum, I know, many people that are going to take chopper, keenum, and keenum. Especially not after the way that Joe Josh Allen played yesterday. I think it was a little fluky. But. I still think maybe going to draft route for quarterback would have been better. But then there's the Dijana do you trust? John Elway making that pick two eight six zero zero four six your thoughts on the Broncos. Are welcome coming up next. I promise I would get to the Rockies, and I will some adjustment of the rotation tonight. And what the impact of the Rockies sweep over the weekend. 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