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They were probably trying to chase whatever big musical fad was going on, and they were like Godhra predatory is old news I mean honestly I two thousand two, who knows, but it was UK base so I don't know why they would think that. They would then work with the label cooking vinyl to make their own label. Take me to the hospital. Pets a weird fucking name. Fits the prodigy I guess. At this point, the prodigy just wasn't as big a thing in the states I think some of their shiny wore off for us because we can't stick with anything for more than a couple years. Yeah, we can't. Flash in the PAN especially if it's really popular in the UK or Europe. One hit wonder you're you're done. Yeah, that's it. That's all we can handle at best will let you have two albums at best. But that doesn't mean they still weren't a big deal. In the UK in November two, thousand eight, they released the album. Invaders must die. This one fared much better than their last still reaching number one in the UK, but at least peaking within the top one hundred of the US. PGA. Liam wanted to take them in a direction that was more like a mash up of their past albums. They may not have been moving masses around the world like they used to, but they were still getting the attention of big deal. Folks like Dave Grohl who played drums on the track run with the wolves, Shit teaches guests around doesn't eat is. Dave GROHL guests on Henry. Rollins what's up hotline? Obviously..

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