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Moment on extension seven twenty. I'm beyond thrilled to be back in the host chair tonight. This is amazing. I cannot wait to get reacquainted with all my old friends and listeners from the download days, but to be tasked with the reboot of extension. Seven twenty dream, come true. Dr Milt Rosenberg was a legendary broadcaster in Chicago and his ability to conduct intelligent and in-depth interviews is still unmatched. I can't replace a legend. I can honor him by trying my best each and every night. But there is one and only one only Milt Rosenberg. I recently got a nice letter from Robert Henley. You may be familiar with Bob Henley. He was the program manager at WGN back in the sixties. He gave me some great info on the history of extension. Seven twenty. He said the first show was may six thousand nine hundred sixty eight. How? Six nine thousand nine hundred sixty eight Jack Rick house was the host and he interviewed Leo Durocher. The manager of the Chicago Cubs. Think about that may six thousand nine hundred sixty eight just mere months before the democratic national convention riots, Donna grand park and just a month after the death of Martin Luther King. Other hosts of extension seven twenty included Norman Ross and Dan price, of course, meal Rosenberg milta- ended up hosting the show for over four decades. The show was produced by Bruce Dumont at the beginning and legend himself. It's amazing. These names to me the secret of extension seven twenty is in the name. We know it's seven twenty is right. The fifty thousand watt blowtorch heard throughout the midwest. But Pete Nye pizza Herman. And I we hope to see this show as an extension of that brand past the walls of the studio extending past their comfort zone to talk about diverse issues with people with diverse backgrounds. To keep pushing further and further trying new things while still honoring the past. Yes. There will be long-form interviews, call ins and live performances just like the old extension seven twenty, but it will be something new an extension if you will. And at the end of the day. I can promise that this show will will work hard. We'll be prepared. We'll be open minded, and we'll be fair. In other words, I can promise this show to be seven twenty WGN one familiar foists to extension seven twenty is. Andrea darlas. Hi, justin. Who's with us where the show and in the newsroom. Hi, andrea. It is a pleasure to work with you you, and I have we're like ships in the night. Yes, we have. But I feel and when we did get the chance to work together in the morning and in other places on election night and things like that. It's always been a pleasure. So it is it is an honor and a pleasure to work with you on this program. Andrea, and you, of course, spent time with Milt Rosenberg and extension seven twenty. What does that mean? What does extension seven twenty? Meaning you honestly, just an I go back twenty. I'll be here twenty one years in April. So I go back twenty one years because when I first started here, I was a freelance anchor and that was working the night shift. So that was nineteen late nineteen Ninety-seven November of ninety seven. And then I worked with spike Odell. And then went back when I was hired full time in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight and I was the news anchor for sports central with. Dave Kaplan, Tom Waddle and Milt Rosenberg how about that. So I was his news anchor from one thousand nine hundred ninety eight until two thousand five and then in two thousand five I addition for and got the role of the morning anchor with spike Odell, that's amazing Adriano eight years with mill you spent eight years. With mill road. David an extension seven twenty I could just imagine being in the room and being privy to the conversations that were being had. But when you think of that show, what do you think of what are the things that that you want out of an extension seven twenty reboot? I would. I just was amazed about was not only melts intelligence, but his ability to speak on any subject off the cuff. I mean, he did his prep and his research and his work. And he would he listened to classical music in his office, which was beca Tribune tower. Of course in our offices were on the first floor at the time, and he was kind of in a back corner and his office was from floor to ceiling with books, and he'd always be claiming playing classical music, and if I would have to go back and ask him something about the guests. I'd knock on the door. And at one point he said, my dear. You don't have to knock you can just come in. And it was about two or three years of working with Justin and I walked in. And I just his ability to speak on he had a show one night. And I'm not kidding in. This will always stick with me and resonate with me. His first hour he talked about ancient Minoan Minoan civilization. So, of course, the democracy in the founding of of Greek culture. So that interested me migrate background. And then an hour later. He was talking about a brand new show making its debut in the late nineties called sex in the city, and he'd boom just and he switched to the next. And there was a discussion about sex in the city in modern day. Just it was wonderful just his ability in the spectrum of his intelligence never cease to amaze. Well, it makes it really does. We're thrilled to work with you, especially having been a part of the original extension seven twenty and having you on the news desk is a pleasure. And I'm looking forward to working with you. Drew me to Justin. And I'm really looking forward to you hitting a lot of it. I know you've been doing so much prep so much work over the past few weeks and planning for this. And I'm looking forward to being a native Chicagoan myself, you hitting all the neighborhoods and talking about issues affecting our neighborhoods in our communities, and our people and our residents feel like it'd be a lot of fun. I'm already deficient. I don't have much to say about ancient Greek civilization. Okay. No. We'll hit the Logan square and buck the neighborhoods. All right. So that's all coming up. What we're gonna do. We'll take a break here. And we come back here and extension. Seven twenty Joe Morris is gonna join us. Joe Morris, a longtime contributor to Milt Rosenberg's extension seven twenty and a dear friend. He's going to tell us what he wants to hear from extension seven twenty. And I want to hear what you want to hear from extension seven twenty three one two nine eight one seventy two hundred. We'll be right back. Stay with us..

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