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Unemployment interest rates inflation none of that data is is in a lane that would even be crossed over right now the only thing in peace and could affect as volatility but if you understand that this goes to political regimes just like it goes volatility researcher temporaries status okay it's not there forever so who's right Sony liquid so now for the motion this is why you want to take a look this one you wanted the first of my part was it every once in awhile we had a great show to because it's not often we get to talk to three C. E. O.'s in one day other Austin green room now but to kill gill that box one as the founder chairman CEO of a chemical after sisters are they are publicly traded is taxable eighty HX with him I've ever spoken before but I know that one of our viewers let us know about this company and it's really interesting because one of my biggest fear what is your biggest author health is getting all I got to heart stops Missy my stroke or Lou Gehrig's disease but yeah those and and and these guys I am ready I would take on whatever with that with whatever I got my doctor in Boston is here to talk about their company in and they've got a they have a cell therapy called multi stem and I was gonna tell so does so welcome to the program Sir how are you nice to see thanks for having me today so so I I'm I'm a right to be feared of this thing called stroke because you know this is the host of the horrible thought as everybody I mailed us about the age of fifty I think I'm there talk about talk about the problem talk about your solution so stroke I think a lot of people know people that have had a stroke it might be a lot one or a family member or just somebody that they know about what most people don't realize is the leading cause of disability in most countries in the world today wow and if you guys nailed it it's a problem it becomes.

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