Roseanne Barr, Jennifer Lopez and Whoopie Goldberg discussed on The Basement Yard


We buns of Jennifer. Jennifer Lopez. Yeah. Let's throw Roseanne and their Roseanne. Ooh, Roseanne Barr. I don't know about that. She's going through some stuff right now. It might be your wife. I don't like that at all right. And then I don't wanna touch Roseanne so that your front runners, obviously jaylo we. Yeah, loop. He's not a bad silver. No, that Roseanne. And then I literally take anything over that. Give me like Dan ackroyd or something. No, no, no. It's a man. I'll put him in here like like a vintage man, retro healthy grammar, Kelsey grammer wait, who is that Frazier? Oh my God. He looks like Frankenstein. Who think you got killed Calcutta is it is it Chelsea has a Kelsey. We just chart Chelsea, Graham. Here we go. All right, car. How about we just put your car that you have now for thirty? I, yeah. Don't flex. Right. The Pinto. What the fuck is that it's like one of those like cars like no, Eldorado Eldorado. Is that like a Ford pickup? No. Yeah. Eldorado. Horse fire. All right. We'll take the horse. Horse disorders. Qualify. Judges. Say does. All right. So horse knowing there. Okay, horse. El Dorado and a rollerblades ISM razor scooter. Razor, electric razor scooter electric razor scooter. What are you? Rich? I'm not. It's the future, bro? Yeah. All right. Pet. Giraffe. Fuck. Yeah, dude, I got. I'm getting that draft. I can already tell right now. I'm getting it. All right, giraffe bat. Is you? Yeah, you have to have a pet bat. You creep. Do you keep those in cages, people have bats. Yeah, people have picked bats. Oh my gods fucking assholes. They're disgusting by the way. And I said on another episode that bats were gross, and then so many people tweeted me pictures of like baby bats. Like, what do you like? Aren't these cute? Fucking. No. Did you hear what I said? It just looked like a smaller scrotum? Yeah, it was gross. It's disgusting cigarettes. Gross. No, convince me that a bad is cute icky gross sticky gross, so gross bat. So we have giraffe bat, how belt put Charlie their dog.

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