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But if they were geelong chea located new york it'll be much easier for me to be like i'm a fan of team or why team etc i just think that that's like such a traditional sports mentality and am traditional sports fans data e2 and i'm a fan of every single atlanta team because i grew up in lived in atlanta for eighteen years right but but i do not think that to the generation younger than me i don't even think most of my generation cares about that i think that it depends on where your from and i do not think that city and team pride will like match up with each other and they've never matched up with each other any sport swollen told the teams figure out a way to brand themselves then i don't think that's going to happen for me because i mean i can't really think of a way that a team has really uniquely marketed themselves in a way that i'm like i'm a fan of exteam or why team which is why thing jio location is so important for me that's fair i just don't like the jewish matters i'm like woman's i think that it has to matter and overwatch because that's the crux of the league right like that gap better older and trying to get people in the league is that they jail okayed massala said he spot all but honestly in when it comes to league of legends i n when it comes to overwatch frankly i don't see someone like terrorism getting into the overwatch lee because it doesn't make any sense makes no sense for tears who mcginley overwatch leave they don't have a foothold in overwatch they've only had never watched him like twice in their in their career as a organization as alec there are powerhouse encounter in a in overwatch right um so i think it like.

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