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And I just want to emphasize that our claim that this is an illegitimate president is not sour grapes. It's not because we dislike we hate his it's national security because he yes because he violated national security because he is a Kremlin asset because he used illegal tactics in a legal aid to get into this position because he is backed by a fiesta kit these. Are All things that I have documented extensively, you can read my book hiding in plain sight with it's like thirty five pages of you know tiny little footnotes you could read Craig Unger spoke you could read David. Johnson's Book Malcolm Nancy's book. This information is all in the public domain and that's just how he got there. There are things about this election that have. Only recently been looked at in depth and we've talked about it on the show there's the book rigged by was a David Hammer who discussed how Electronic Voting Systems in the twenty sixteen election we're certainly infiltrated by Russia Kremlin aligned actors and votes were as Harry. Reid. Predicted quite possibly changed. It's quite possible. Trump did not win that election that. Is the point that we've been bringing home to you for the last couple years of this podcast Sometimes, we don't say it quite so bluntly, but that is something that I believe and I think the refusal to admit that that was even possible that this could happen even though there are so many warnings that it could happen is what has allowed him to remain. In power and then the longer this charade when on the longer this assault and our national security and it's overt display of the failure of our institutions in the failure of them to protect us when on the harder it became to reverse but that's the problem. That's why wouldn autocrat is trying to seize power you need to get rid of them immediately you. In, fact needs to make sure they don't get in because once they get in as we're seeing, it is very hard to get them out but we have just an endless array of appointments of unqualified individuals of criminal individuals. Many of these individuals have already left. Some have already been indicted. We also have a litany of crimes that have been committed by this administration the. Foremost one right now is what they have done in reaction to the corona virus, which is an impeachable offense. That's the kind of thing that the Democrats could have been working on is amy. Komi. Barrett was trying to get in as move on impeachment hearings related to corona virus, which has now killed over two hundred and twenty, five, thousand Americans we have what jared. Kushner did which is preventing states from getting necessary medical equipment, denying it to doctors saying outright that they were just going to let people die as a strategy. We see them on TV now Mark Meadows and other saying, yes this is our plan we're going to let people die. All of this is criminal. All of this meets the standards of Criminal Prosecution Glenn Kushner. Kushner I'm so sorry kind Kirschner. legal expert has spoken extensively about that. On top of that, you have abusive migrant, the border forced hysterectomies another subject suddenly dropped from the news that should have been investigated, abusive, powered, and power obstruction of justice being named individual one in a federal probe. These were all crimes that were committed within most of them within the first years of this administration that the House Democrats refused to pursue refuse to impeach on I. Think if they had impeached on all of those and put into the public light the full. Context of criminality at play the stuff that I spell out in my book, and that we talk about on the show all the time I think it would have been a different reaction from the American. Public the kind of panic you are seeing now the kind of dawning that our democracy is, yes, it is in our in its death throes and that this could have been prevented. That is something that people could have grasped a year ago. But because so many officials went on treating this as if it were. Normal others went on to treat it as if it were normal as well. They thought if this is really happening, surely Pelosi would do something surely, the Muller probe would reach a conclusion in which guilty parties were indicted or at least interviewed. Instead, we have just seen total and complete abject failure to deem this administration what it is, which is fundamentally illegitimate at every level. So yes, it is absolutely fair to start looking at the appointments that were made during this administration and demanding that they be removed from their. Position or at least that they be investigated as to their qualifications in as to how they got in those are all completely valid questions to ask when your country is hijacked by transnational crime and your country is hijacked by Mafia money. This is our country. This is our democracy. This is our representative democracy and they will try to tell you do not expect so much. They'll try to tell you this is idealistic. This aiming to high it is not this is a completely reasonable demand. Don't let anybody tell you otherwise. Yes. We have been in a constitutional crisis these last four years and the media has normalized it and a lot of our political leaders have normalized and try to work within a system that is rapidly Frang. So, advice to everybody play the long game play the long game do at the Kremlin. Does do what the Republicans. Do and play the long game fight like hell election cycle after election cycle and keep planting seeds that are going to grow grow grow over time. What you have to remember is that fascism is the American story. The hope we have is that America is moving away from Fascism after being founded in fascism. So keep this in mind like we had so many there's so many native Americans that were slaughtered that it changed the global climate. There centuries, centuries of the Holocaust of slavery. Those aren't footnotes. America has always been a fascist country. All Black and Brown progress has been met with the violence of white rage always when you have like the great migration North was was met with bloody race riots. So this has been a reliable pattern throughout our history. The first black American president was, of course, followed by a white supremacist. This is the American story. It's always been this way. If you're horrified by what is happening right now in America that means you're finally learning that America's history has always been whitewashed. America's history has always been fascism and that great moment of glory that we had when we defeated the Nazis in World War Two, who led that you're that great branding that America has we liberated Europe we punch Nazis. We're that story come from that great mythology that actually is rooted in truth that was led by a Democrat married to feminist that America has gotten its moments glory from good people doing the right thing against fascism so the. Best of us are the ones who punch Nazis the worst of us. Always been the Nazis you had the American aviator hero Charles Lindbergh writing and in Reader's digest in nineteen thirty, nine that we've gotta make America White again. Okay. So we've always always always had this massive strain of fascism our country was founded in it. So if you WANNA take any solace in the in this current Chapter America's fascism is this it's there's more of us than there are them now and they're terrified and so the fascist going inside Hitler's bunker and they're building their arm armaments and They're they're trying to block us from smoking them out of their whole. That's what Mitch McConnell the others are doing..

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