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And you just turn it around with me here. She is again, Alison, why was some big stories. Yes. We have another member of the Wagner family was in court today, George Wagner, the force pled not guilty in pike county today in connection with a road and family massacre. He's facing twenty two counts, including aggravated murder charges related to the deaths of eight members of the road and family two years ago. His brother twenty six year old Edward Jake Wagner entered a plea of not guilty yesterday to Twenty-three charges levied against him. A revised ticket tax proposal is being presented to city council this week. It would see that proposed seven percent ticket tax stopped down to five percent. The money generated on the tax would be charged his shows and games at nationwide arena, but that would apply to capital improvements at the arena other events across the city, though, the tax per the tax levied against those events would provide funding for the arts, and it's costing. Can you less to fill up your gas tank? As gas prices fell for the seventh week in a row over the past week, the national average for regular gas is now down to two dollars and fifty three cents a gallon. That's the lowest since March for your ABC six first warning weather a chance for some afternoon flurries today, but we'll see highs near Twenty-eight clouds tonight as lows drop down to twenty five. I'm Alison Wyant. Our next report had four o'clock for breaking news and weather alerts instantly, follow us on Twitter at six ten WTVN news shop rods western palace for.

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