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You know, speaking their their voice and their experience, and and providing insights into this major public health crisis of suicide, but over the last few years people with their own what's called lived experience of suicide attempts or any kind of mental health struggle really are coming to the fore, and you know, we're hosting panels of the voices of people with lived experience on Capitol Hill, and in the White House and all over the place for clinicians and researchers for policymakers, and that's. That's really a game changer. If you think about every other kind of major shifts that happened with an especially with stigmatized health issues, you know, aids HIV even cancer back in the day required that kind of advocacy, and so, you know, one of the thing I want to mention is that we have something that goes on every year that anyone can come out and check check out and kind of join the sort of advocacy movement, or at least just see what's going on. And these are are overnight walks. We also have community out of the darkness walks. But the overnight walk is special and they're actually coming up. One is in San Francisco was in Boston. Third and Boston June eight the night in San Francisco, I alerted the the the audience to that. So great. There's still time to register at the overnight dot org, and that that is an awesome way to if you're just wanna cut a dip, your tone, the water and see what it's all about. And feel the empowerment there's this incredible freedom and and shared bond that you get when you're around people who are willing to come out and really like literally step out of the darkness and into the light about these issues that are so common. They're really I mean, they're just part of the human experience truly these are all words that use a lot and reducing stigma empowerment contact advocacy, self efficacy. And and they just happen to be good things for your mental health. Also. Two. Show your love. Now, what would just graph podcast one? And right now, the former winner of the amazing race is getting all the details of this season by calling up players that get eliminated each week for some juicy. Many interviews. Download new episodes of.

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