Mitt Romney, Mr. Ammash Congressman Ammash, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


Every democrat voted for it, not a single Republican voted for every democrat, not one defection on a massive mess of a healthcare law that has now put us on a path toward single payer. Which we all knew from the beginning this at all won't do that. It's mitt Romney's plan from Massachusetts. Thanks mitt. Mitt Romney's plan started with the Heritage Foundation, you hear all these things now they're pushing for single payer universal, universal healthcare paid for by the government. And we all know where that leads to you're going to run a business. The business is going to say, well, I could pay a lot of money for private health insurance, or these people get get your government health insurance. You'll get your ObamaCare, go pay for the the plan. That's on the exchange in your status. We all know where that's. Not going to lead to a free market, that's for sure. But the free market in health healthcare is something that's at this point. It's like it's like a fantasy, but I'm just. I know that was a little that was a little sour. I agree. I should tone it down a little bit. But it's true. So far for free market health care started I spent three hours talking about all the deficiencies in the healthcare system. And how our medicine is not nearly as good as we think it is it's way too expensive the incentive structure, for a lot of health care professionals is not in line with their patients. It's a lot of stuff. I got a lot of thoughts on this one. Got thoughts on, on just an Ammash sitting around talking about how the president is the president broke the law. And now he's now he's a hero to the left. I hope it's worth it to him. You know what I think this is this is a guy that on a few issues? He's a little Libertarian-leaning few issues. Get some attention on drones on privacy. And he's one of these guys, and he hasn't been in the spotlight much, and this is a way to do it, it is always attempt Haitian for somebody on the right to sell out and go to the left, because they'll make it really cozy for you. I you know, maybe we'll even get a contributor ship at a network. Maybe we'll get a nice little fat book deal, put on the board of a company, if you're really lucky that they make it seem like defecting is, is good for you. But then, once they've used you never really respect you, if you were fighting for conservative causes no matter how much you abandon them. They'll never really think you're part of the team. But our side doesn't learn. We, we have we have defectors. We have people that, that wanna get that one or two. Two lines of sweet, sweet stuff in the New York Times about them. And I think that's what's going on here with Mr. Ammash congressman Ammash. It's just it's just so disappointing. Man. I mean, come on. You really think that had.

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