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Like what if the ghost follows me home? I was terrified when I did that goes when I was pregnant we both yeah. Yeah when we were pregnant, that's hilarious and I was like what if this goes latches onto my unborn child because doesn't that sound like something that would happen in the well, yeah, when I went on that ghost hunt there like held those dividing rods and it's like do you like anyone in this room and they like Circle birth? To me and I was like cuz I got a baby cooking. Anyway, my name and goes things babies are cute. Right? Well, it's like the poor dead sex worker who is murdered. Yeah, what other what other kind of haunted houses have you been to I wanted to put in our description that like guess which one of us hates haunted houses and guess which one loves them. So okay. So on that note I have been to several haunted houses in class Creepy World in st. Louis where it's seven haunted houses in when No, I don't want to that's on Farm. Yes now so it's a lot but I've been on a lot of haunted hayrides as well including one here in Wisconsin. This is really funny the scariest part dude trying to do a Jamaican accent but with them like Scotty flavor, so it's like I love eggs and bacon don't you know so bad so stupid now in spite of that fact, they did some they did something. I've never experienced at a haunted hayride, which I thought was very clever. They put a rope under the seat and it's got some tension and they moved it felt like your butt was being tickled very alarming but Richard and I both were like, whoa, did you feel that? Okay. Okay, just shocking. It was amazing. I have theories about the best spot to sit in a hayride cuz like where's the chainsaw guy going to get you anyway? Okay. Okay. Okay, but my favorite haunted house is in Scenic Auburn, Illinois. It's just dead. I had my hometown of Springfield. They they put on like an amazing haunted house. It's on a like this Old Town Square. There's bonfires there's walking tacos and like a food truck sort of nearby. There's a bar that like I will only go to a haunted house inebriated. So but yeah, you get your ticket and you wait like 2 hours have a few drinks if you're of age and you know, enjoy the ride. You had me out laughing Taco is there man. I love a good laughing Taco Bell had never had one. My husband had never had one until college and like somebody was doing it as a fundraiser and I was like what we used to have this like once a week. Okay? Well, yes, those hot. How hot it has to be on that sounds like magic - like the Halloween you could just like hang out for the 5 minutes. We're inside. Hang out tomorrow. Okay start going. Okay just total tangent here, but I'm just like picturing what a hundred house would look like like dead. Was based around my OCD and oh my God, that's hilarious. But also terrifying for me like CPS would be there. And we're taking away or daughter because you told her no and public. Okay, that's a good one. There you go. Bringing it back. Yeah, please let me a generic. Let me engineer your nightmares for you. So as far as fun Halloween haunted house, there's not a lot on the internet but the meaning of like a carnival Funhouse like, you know, like like the stretchy mirrors like I'm so fired..

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