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Apple's been getting some pretty good statistics lelio different numbers have been popping the past over the past week surrounding apple's products and services and a lot of them seem pretty good not all of them but many of them so i wanted to talk about some of them with you first one is piper jaffray did their semi annual teen survey so about twice a year they survey teens about phones and what phones they're using and the iphone usually does very very well and this time it was no exception piper jaffray surveyed around six thousand teens i think this is in the us i don't know it's global with the average age of around sixteen and a half sixteen point four and in homes with an average household income of sixty six thousand dollars a year and of those surveyed about eighty two percent of them said they already own an iphone again these are teens remember and that's actually up from seventy eight percent back when they did the same survey last fall so a nice little increase in and they also asked how many of you are planning to get an iphone in the next year in eighty four percent said they expect their next phone to be an iphone so apple iphones doing very very well in the teen market they always have kind of done well there but the the reason that's significant is that if apple can get consumers early they tend to stick in the eco system so that's good for the long jetty of iphone sales and teens also seem to like the apple watch quite a bit although not quite as much as their iphones twenty percent of teens said that they planned to buy an apple watch in the next six months.

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