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Any? That's what's that. That was McBride used to care about like, he's really following LeBron half, LeBron less money. And now, then he got two point was like, look, I want the most money I could get katie's doing the same on the clippers having to play across. The bronze half came out. Christopher's aren't stick around which six are all star shouldering all the blame for the recent loss to the sound success. Moving onto the Sixers. Would you say about K D got have thick skin? Exact Sixers lost brutal mugging. Onto the Celtics on Christmas day. Joel Embiid had a great game on paper finishing with thirty four points and sixteen rebounds. But the all star not as great a game on the court down the stretch just four shots in the last seventeen minutes and be taught about what went wrong at the end of the game. Like could done all. Being the ball all the body five minutes before thin in Nova, Tom. So in those situation, I gotta show up. But then also I got to be putting the license Tristesse to be able to say man, I wasn't in the license ration-. So. Like, I could have done more. We lost put this heavily on me because I could've all. And the way I was playing on that could go on me. So. A lot of one on one. What would WC Ming on the fourth dribbles? But I kind of find a way to adjust who bad just be myself. I Chris what are the Sixers need to do to get these three. Joel Embiid, Butler and Simmons to all coexist and be successful at it. He makes an interesting point. He had thirty four points at Christmas day games. Only four in the fourth quarter and overtime. They have a problem. And it's that he they couldn't gar him down low. He's absolutely right. I mean, he was just killing him down go to deal. Right. Right. But in down the stretch in the fourth quarter. The problem is that Joel is unstoppable down there. But Ben Simmons can only score in two ways. Either drive in the basketball or he gets a lot of stuff at the real post ups or flashes beneath the rim in that area. And incidates NBA is hard to have two guys to down low. So what they've done is. They put 'em beat out by the three point line. And he's only like twenty something percent shooter from three thirty percent, whatever it is. But they've done that just to stretch the floor. So it is a challenge. This is a team that really is built for yesteryear because none of their big three kit, really shoot. I mean narrow K butlers okay shooting, but none of them are shooters look at all the big three's in recent memory. Ray? The Boston Celtics Ray Allen was a great shooter in Miami. They may buy become a really good shooter. That's how it's done Golden State. Obviously. Right. That's how it is nowadays and San Antonio when they ran through Miami and twenty four teams they had shooters. So I think what they have to do is. They've got a nice big three. They've got to get his might many shooters as they can around which is easier said than done. But I think that's the only it's also why before they had Butler the Belen Elliot's soba dishes at the buyout date last year. We're so key for them because it added shooting to the team. It's one of the reasons why you look at their best three men lineup. The one constant is JJ Renick's in all of them like JJ Radic because. Of the shooting that he adds and being still at this advanced age and knocked down one of the best shooters and basketball. But it is. I mean, I will give credit on this. It's been Simmons problem right now, it's been Simmons. And I don't want to harp on it like we did yesterday. But it's true. He didn't add something to his game. And because of that you're in a spot where you have to ask yourself. Should we try to stagger Simmons in and bead as much as we can have have match have lineups of Butler with Embiid Butler with Simmons have JJ out there? Like do something like that. Because there unless in transition been Simmons's awesome as good as anybody in the league. And I think he is a very underrated defender. But as the game slows down when he and Embiid or both out there. It gets congested..

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