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On 9 11 were remembered 20 years later, Brard Baptiste. Walter Baron, nearly 2800 names read aloud at what is considered sacred ground. Many remember that day 20 years ago, Shannara Wilson was only seven at the time and had only seen it on TV. She says. Being here is different actually come and see it from your eyes to see something so tragic but also so beautiful now that we celebrated with special way people here describe it as solemn but uplifting to be at the World Trade Center site, especially for this remembrance. Fox is going all Scott moving. Tributes were also held in Shanksville, Pennsylvania, and at the Pentagon. As the years march on, we must ensure that all our fellow Americans know and understand what happened here on 9 11 and in Manhattan and in Shanksville, Pennsylvania. It is our responsibility to remember Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin When attributes ended, the FBI released a declassified document that 9 11 families have been fighting for the heavily redacted pages relate to logistical support given to two of the Saudi Arabian high checkers by Saudi associates in the U. S. America's listening to Fox News LBJ RADAR Weather Watch today will be mostly sunny with highs of 95 degrees and loads of 68 degrees. Tomorrow will be partly cloudy with 20% chance of rain highs of 94 degrees lows of 74 degrees, and on Monday we'll have a 50% chance for scattered thunderstorms..

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