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Fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percents or more. It's America's greatest hits with the man who put the. Five. Gotcha. Counting down my top five song for this very week in nineteen eighty two. Here's the recap number five Mickey by Toni basil at number four up where we belong by. Joe cocker, Jennifer Warnes and the number three hit on the countdown was man-eater by halwa notes now peaking at number two is the remake of a nineteen Seventy-nine hit in Europe for Italian popstar Humberto Tozi sang the song in Italian. So this woman's version is adrenalin but not word for word. Singing her biggest Ted. Here's Laura brand again with number two on the countdown Gloria. Daban out at number two this week in one thousand nine hundred eighty two that's the late Laura Brannigan, whether a biggest said, Gloria. This song marked a couple of I for Lionel Richie. It was his first solo single after.

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