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Commander has the authority to say. Hey i gotta get some patriot missiles down range here at baghdad or al assad because iran is a credible ballistic missile threat. They sell them. They sent him to the who who shoot at riyadh. They might retaliate with missiles. Because that's what i assume they would do. That would be worse case. Scenario year ago we were talking about that more more probable shooting. A bunch of shorter-range rockets. So anyway this is part of the story here is first of all. They're talking to the ground. Allison has an infantry battalion guarding its way out there amber province desert around and this is the infantry battalion commander saying something correct and there's a lieutenant colonel from the air force saying something incorrect and we call this sixty minutes cut one shot any have any defense against missiles nassar. It was such an unprecedented threat. I don't think it was ever calculated So the the capability to prevent a ballistic missile attack. It wasn't there. Did you have a plan for what to do we. We came up with a plan. The only real defense against ballistic missile attack is to get out of harm's way air force. Colonel stacy coleman and the rest of god did. She miss the part of studying war. Were you studied the gulf war. He had a kind of right. The defense wasn't there he. He's he wasn't quite on the party. Line that there's no defense against ballistic missiles. I have news for her. I would have employed that method in one thousand nine hundred riyadh. I worked in riyadh. But i was so we're patriot. Missiles that is what they're designed to do extreme high altitude aircraft fast aircraft and incoming ballistic missiles. Were they perfect will be. Were consuming the domestic news here in the west. You would've thought they were there. You know that the patriots were not perfect there were plenty of scud missiles and got through the saudis control the information so when a scud missile hit a girls school in riyadh. You didn't hear about it. I couldn't get on the phone and call home about it. But it did. Because we weren't gonna tell saddam we weren't going to give him his battle damage assessment then of course. The most famous incident was when twenty-eight reserves were killed in dhahran in a warehouse that was set up as a as a barracks with scud. Missile hit that that warehouse and killed twenty eight people. Patriots have gotten amazingly better since then to the point where the south koreans make them on license japanese. Make him unlicensed. The israelis have a us army unit. Sitting there in israel with patriots. Yes they work. I had i assumed there was one sitting there The the general mackenzie spoke as well. We'll play that we come back. It's a dirty peeling an onion. That stank last sunday. I smelled a rat onion retention. It is kfi am six forty live everywhere on the iheartradio app. Always waiting for that song do something. That's why i let it. Let it breathe. If i am sick twenty. It is the place. Sincere here. Phil.

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