President Biden, Jared Halpern, President Trump discussed on AM Tampa Bay


There having traffic issues on Heinz because there's a bucket your celebration around Ray Jay, we have traffic trouble from about Columbus all the way up to Hillsborough Avenue in both directions. John Thomas. His radio W F L A Knot is chilly this morning and temperatures will climb into the low seventies. This afternoon. Only a 10% rain chance. It's 61 degrees. NewsRadio Wofl a president Biden unveils his plans to take on the coronavirus faxes Jared Halpern morning. There are still grim milestones ahead. The memorial we weigh held two nights ago. Will not be our last one. Unfortunately. Death toll will likely top 500,000 next month, President Biden outlined a full government response to rapidly deploy covert vaccines and expand testing capabilities based on science, not politics is based on truth, not denial. And his detail the president signed 10 pandemic related executive orders expanding federal mask mandates during travel, adding restrictions for travelers entering the U. S and directing FEMA. Create vaccination centers with the goal of 100 bite next month on Capitol Hill, Jared Halpern Fox News, Dr Anthony Fauci says the Corona virus pandemic might be Platt towing infectious disease specialist says scientists are paying very close attention to mutations of the virus. People should still plan on getting vaccinated Fallacy insisted The vaccines are effective against mutations State of Florida is attempting to clamp down on what's being called vaccine tourism. Effective immediately on Lee full or part time residents will be allowed to get the shot. You're gonna have to show a Florida driver's license or some form of proof of seasonal residency like a utility bill or a rental agreement. Rain. Danka is one of those snowbirds tells news Channel eight. She came prepared when she and her husband got the shot of Twin Lakes Park. I think they have to give people in advance notice they have they can't like, just change their mind. You know, after the fact Now the new guidance applies only to the first dose. If you've already received that,.

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