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That i mean not not not the killer cycling scenes that a commie buyer name had said crews ram those bicycles men who like five bicycling scenes breaking away had less bisoli exeeds the komi by her name the waco voss twins could cause cycles did throughout the whole movie uh the pair corner we're running at wednesday at enough you wanted a sneak one n i have one it makes me sound like an a hole but uh as it and it's not great but we found out my up four year old is allergic to dairy products and i did not want a kid allergic to anything like this just let alone dairy i love ice cream i wanna take them out for ice cream i want to eat ice cream and now this little son of a bitch is allergic to darian it sucks because we tested it out and he's swells up in these gets blotch in everything but i don't know what am i am i allowed to give them back what do i do i just have to love them right so you're saying you're personally offended that you've created a child that is legit to dairy yes i went out they concern one of the biggest parental failures of your career it's gotta be that's cowdery and there's no reversing it right the problem is too the problem with with uh the the the dairy allergy is you feel bad when you have the pizza yes feel bad when you having icecream like it.

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