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And I think the big thing I explained to him was how they intro Monday night football. And now on the defensive side of the of the Oakland Raiders, and you go through all the guys and the best thing that ever happened was the day that they went through all the defensive players. They get Charles Woodson. Charles Woodson goes Charles Woodson you notice school. What a baller? If you win a Heisman intros, and then I come to work the next day and joins got the whole script written up. But he sold the British off Ferguson. That's what it was the British off Ferguson while he was playing Madden. Yeah. And he said, Keegan who's this guy British off? Please offensive lineman for the Justice. Oh sweetheart, we've just this is tip of the iceberg. Do you? Remember, some of the names that you guys decided not to use. No, we used every single name. He wrote and the only one I in the first incarnation. The only one I added was Dan Smith. Which officially means Jordan's blacker than me. We're both mixed, but he's the black one. And I'm the white one Dan Smith BYU that was in Oman to my dad. My dad grew up in Utah with the other twelve. Dan smith. After predator. What what's next after predator in January? Season two of friends from college. Not sure exactly when it's going to be in the new year, and I'm really excited about that. That's been a that's been another kind of transition piece for me where this show's very dark but comedic at the same time. So we're kind of trying to do the shifts where I'm the boats going in a different direction a little more more dramatic for you bother. Or were you concerned that I think I episode you we know that you're having this affair, so you have this lovely wife. And so we immediately don't like exactly, I know. It's really it was a real bold thing. And I thought let's give it let's just give it a world, especially Kobe's smoulders of all the people. I know that he why why what world is are you cheating on Kobe smoulders in and and so I tried, but you like to be is it fun to be disliked. It it is because that's one surefire way of knowing you're doing your job. Well, if I'm walking down the streets of Tribeca people go oh. Mike can hold out hope for that. Emmy, a second EMMY. Yeah. It's it's it's a barometer. Like now, I wouldn't wanna be on a soap opera because for some reason people who enjoy soap operas, I feel like they can't there's no distinction from the fiction. Real. Like you. I don't know. Why? What's that voice? You're doing. Black. I started the sentence. And then I became Hispanic. It was like, you know, I don't like you, man. I don't like you. Two different people. I I'm glad that you notice the great actors now, you you really you. Yeah. Director guy see director. Vision. Dan going. I don't know guys. Let's put a fifty on this one and Jimmy one. Apple apple. Here's a question for your your kung FU guy, right? Yeah. Love love movies, gently Bruce Lee. In the octagon, okay. In the octagon Bruce Lee wins because because just by the sheer form of what Jeep Cundo is so g Cundo which is just kind of an amalgam of all other martial arts. So all all Bruce Lee would ever do is react to anything gently did now, given I don't know what expertise jet Lee has maybe wing Chun. I don't know someone's doing research, but but the fact that Bruce Lee's whole philosophy was being like water and taking whatever anybody's going to give you I always wonder if two people like that who are experts real high level experts if they would just be standing. Strike each other. Morning match of all time. Okay. But if if a Bruce Lee faced Kanye Reeves in the matrix. Oh, wait a minute. Okay. Is Bruce Lee in the matrix. Also jacked into a pod is is a human who who's interfacing is your program. He's a program now he's a program then he loses because Neo can bend all all of the. Okay, bend, the reality of the matrix. So then he can't win. A Bruce Lee might have been so good that he would have gotten out of the program. He would have sounded. Who went to Berkeley. I think now that's that's that's good. He could have it's possible that he could go. Oh, I don't I choose to not be a program. And then he renders you human somehow what about Jackie Chan jet Li. As much as it pains me to say this in the octagon, I'm taking jet Li. I I here's why does that pain you because I love Jackie Chan is a showman. And as a performer, I just here's the thing. I don't actually know because of the way that the way that they they give the energy give off on camera. Jackie's the clown. He's always on. He's always on defense. Jetties always the bad ass hero. So I'm assuming he's a better martial artist. But I don't know only bring out Jackie Chan oh God. Why he can't understand what I'm saying? Can I just say this? The thing about Jackie Chan Jackie Chan first of all great comedic timing huge fan of like the old silent masters. Harold Lloyd Chaplin Buster Keaton. He used to take his England when he was learning English. He would learn it. He would learn it like it try to dissipate his accent from another Chinese person who had learned English seems counterproductive. That's all I wanted to say, okay. The movie is predator and its theaters today with Livia Mon and a sterling K Brown. It's great tabby back. It's great. I love destroy up here. I know you guys are all I know. I'm always more calm on this show. Then why is that? I don't know. I think that's your aura, Dan, I think it should. Or I get on other shows. I get real frenetic pre interview. Just just walk in walk in sit down and have a. Yeah. And then you just leave. And then you are you. Okay. If I go. Oh. Like right now. Yeah. I'm gonna I'm gonna be. Okay. I'm not. Okay. But I'll be okay. I appreciate that. I appreciate that. The predator guys. Yeah. Opens tonight. Yeah. Are you going to either theater? My here's my wife scrape, my wife goes, let's by just a block sixty tickets and just invite a whole bunch of family and friends, and then maybe you stand up at the beginning of the movie, which which, you know, nobody's asked me to. Down..

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