Ryan Girdusky: The GOP Disenfranchised White College Educated Voters


I want to begin by asking you to tell us a little bit about what you think happened in the midterms because I know people have sort of been debating this. The last month, you know, what happened, what we can do better next time. And I think that we need to talk about it because that way we can have a better game plan moving forward into 2024 and future elections so that we aren't blindsided again. I think there are a lot of things happen. I don't think there's any singular one lesson to be learned. I think there's multiple lessons. So let's start with the fact that turnout. The media has created this narrative, first of all, there was a quote unquote youthquake that millions of young people angry about abortion came out and voted in masses to elect Democrats. The data so far shows that that didn't happen at all. Didn't happen whatsoever. Republican turnout was actually extremely good in this election. And minority turnout, especially among Democrats, was extremely poor. That's why you're looking at Republicans probably getting over 40% of the Asian vote, somewhere in the high 30s of the Hispanic vote. And the black vote remains basically stagnated about 10%. Where Republicans faltered was among white college educated voters, especially independent voters. They were really disenfranchised with the Republican Party, even though they agree with them on issues like crime and immigration, and they don't approve of Joe Biden's performance in The White House. They were very upset over two big issues one being abortion and the idea of a national abortion ban. And secondly, the narrative over the fact that the 2020 election was so they didn't want to look backwards. They wanted to look forward. And I think that and on top of that, you've had major Republican both candidates and senators like Rick Scott and candidates like masters talking about the idea of privatizing social security, really, really irritated a lot of independent voters. So take us to Arizona, Arizona had a four Republicans win and four Republicans lose. The four who lost ran, it was a Blake Lake of hobby and in that one other guy they ran as a ticket on the 2020 election being stolen. The four who won was Kimberly E Tom Thorne and then two other big Republicans and they won on conservative platform issues. Tom Thorne defeated an incumbent running against CRT running against DEI running against bilingual education. Kimberly Lee Yi is not a moderate Republican. She's very conservative. But their message was looking forward to not backwards and they won. And I think that in states and places where the issues were very quality of life conversations like New York with crime. You serve Republican search and when the election really became about Donald Trump, you saw Republicans lose.

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