Dalton Glasscock: Remember to Go Out & Vote!


I was hoping to be there to celebrate. This looks like we're going to have to go next week. So just make sure you're well rested. I know 55 can take a lot of your energy out. Pretty quickly. You know, it's funny because I've been taking balance of nature and I'm feeling great. I've got a little pep in the step. Hey, I've been taking a balance of nature as well. And I must feel the same as you. I love it. Dalton real quick before we let you go, how are things going there in Kansas? I know you're deeply involved in politics there. You guys are expecting a big turnout on election day. Yeah, they're going well and actually calling you between door knocking today. So I took the day off, sorry Todd, to make sure that we can save democracy. It's going to be, I think, a very competitive race here in Kansas. But it's going to be fun and it's really comes down to turnout. I know people hear that again and again. But if we don't turn out the base and we don't turn out our voters, then we are not going to win this election. And so I think it takes everybody if you haven't knocked a door of the cycle, if you haven't made a phone call with cycle, head over to your local county office, go to the Shelby county party. If you're there in Memphis or go anywhere across the country and I guarantee you they're going to welcome you. Yeah, absolutely. And that is so vitally important again Dalton, we're seeing the polling data and we know we heard the hot bike comments from Chuck Schumer so the Democrats know that they're going down, but that's only going to happen if we get out the vote and get people out on election day. Yeah, it is that it all comes down to turnout it also comes to convincing your family and friends to make sure to invite someone to come to the polls with you. If you have an elderly parent, make sure you go and pick them up because a lot of people forget to vote on election day and closing at 7 o'clock while it's too late. So make sure to go pick up your parents, go pick up your kids, make sure to go out and vote and make sure it's a family experience when you're going out there as well.

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