Glenn Kirschner Sheds Some Light on Special Counsel Jack Smith


So let's get to the big question. Because we've been flailing without you as you know. Ever since the appointment of Jack Smith, who apparently is not the guy in the matrix, he puts on sunglasses. I think he is. But no, it's a different guy. Different guy. Okay. But Glenn, I think it was Barbara mcquaid, I saw on TV first that said, you know, the Justice Department wouldn't be doing a special prosecutor if they weren't going to indict. If they were going to decline. So, you know, and then everyone from tally nostalgia was like, this is no Jill wine banks initially said this is a waste of time and money. And you and I have been obviously impatient for justice for a long time and my first thought is, why isn't an indictment? Why is it, you know, yet another step. But, you know, it takes me a second to calm down. But just a little. But I think we all have Mueller fatigue, right? We think, oh God, are we starting all over again, blah, blah, blah. And a lot of people have pointed out how Lawrence tribe and others that they think this will speed it up and not slow it down. Dying to get your take on it because I do get that it's different a bill Barr's not in charge, it's not Trump's Justice Department. He is not starting from scratch, but give us your whole overview on this. Yes, Steph, I wish we had an hour. There's so much to unpack. And we do have, we have superhero fatigue. We thought bob Mueller was going to come in and take Trump out. His report did take Trump out the problem is Congress and the Department of Justice didn't act on the crimes that bob Mueller documented in volume two of the Trump Russia report. We thought Merrick Garland was going to come in and do what was necessary. It turns out in hindsight, Merrick Garland turned out to be too much judge and not enough prosecutors. So I am not prepared to say Jack Smith is galloping in on the white horse and he's going to take care of all this. However, first thing I did was I talked to all my Friends and former colleagues who worked with or for Jack Smith. I don't know Jack personally, to a person, they can not speak highly enough of his determination to hold criminal politicians accountable. Without regard to politics or criticism or fear of failure, here's why I really like the appointment of Jack Smith. We can do an autopsy on whether Merrick Garland should have appointed a special counsel. There are good arguments on both sides, but I think the bottom at the bottom of it all wants Trump announced he was a candidate. Let's face it, Merrick Garland is Joe Biden's attorney general. So to have Joe Biden's attorney general going after Joe Biden's only announced political opponent in the 2024 election, I believe, left Merrick Garland, no other choice but to appoint a special counsel.

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