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AP sports I'm David Shuster and other huge day in the NFL Sunday starting with Joe Mixon He accounted for 5 touchdowns in Cincinnati's 42 21 win over Carolina It feels great to be able to have another basically big game I'm running a football and basically being the balanced office which you know it's a great thing to see In Chicago to a ton of viola he threw for three scores in Miami's 35 32 victory over the bearers We were just playing 60 minutes Offensively not looking at the scoreboard and really just like I said every opportunity that we got having the ball we were just trying to score every time The surprise of the day Zach Wilson and the jets upsetting buffalo 20 to 17 We expected to win this game as a team You know of course we understand this is a good team We understand what they're all about But we understand what we're about as well So we knew it was going to be close Of course we got to be able to finish in crunch time And I think we did that Justin Jefferson in Minnesota now 7 and one after downing Washington also 20 to 17 This is the first time we've been 7 in one long time So happy about this team Happy about the way we played glad that we had to fight with his team In New England Mac Jones watched his defense throttle Indianapolis 26 three Defense played great you know uche three sacks Jude on three sacks Bentley sack D wise half a sack you know just sacks everywhere So we kind of knew that our defense was going to control the game In Detroit the Lions handed the packers their 5th straight loss picking off Aaron Rodgers three times This is a lot of life lessons for sure this year But luckily it's not over There's still a lot of games left We'll be counted out probably by many and we'll see how we respond And on Sunday Night Kansas City rally by Tennessee 20 to 17 in overtime NBA Cleveland now 8 and one after beating the Lakers by 14 points and auto racing Joey Logano winning in Phoenix he wraps up the NASCAR championship I'm David Shuster AP sports

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