Caller Reports That a Candidate Was Missing on His Ballot


Sal have you been out to vote yet? Yes, I was into this morning. And a candidate that I wanted to vote for was not on my ballot. Well, who are you trying to vote for? Amy, Jennifer white, she's running for House Senate seat against Teresa piers, Democrat. And I asked the gentleman after I put my ballot in the box, I told them my candidate that I wanted to vote for was none of my ballot. And he didn't have an explanation. When I got home, I called the town manager left the voicemail. I called you a show, spoke to grace. I called my local TV station W CSH. They got back to me and gave me the name of John Osborne of the DoJ. I spoke to him, he told me to call a Secretary of State, which I did. I spoke to two people there with no satisfaction. I called the FBI. I was on hold for 20 minutes. Never got through. I talked to the Jennifer white office. And ray ritcheson, I couldn't reach, but something is wrong, okay? Now, if I were you, I would call her campaign office and let her know about that. I mean, if there's a candidate, if there's a candidate on the ballot or who's supposed to be on the ballot and her name is not on the ballot, that is something that I would be fired up as if I were a candidate. So my encouragement to you, Sal, reach out to the campaign, and let's see, let's see what they tell you.

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