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Philadelphia proud to be New Jersey. Now, myself out of Beirut. Once I think I can get out of New Jersey with OB. So sure others have tried and failed the entire population. That was facing New Jersey. Paul. Jersey uncle back to jersey start up a business, again, don't even tell me you met her down the shore and was planning a class field trip to a French bread factory. He said was for bunny, Menlo Park mall Hello, New Jersey. Please sold out. What that's a lovely accent. You have New Jersey live from New Jersey. Kaminsky. Hi, good afternoon. It is to eleven to Thursday, and we would be DNV. I'm Jeff Mincy. Radio. Bill doyle. This probably should go without saying. But with the weather as it is and should any flash flood suddenly come up, and you find yourself being swept away in your car, and you still have some oxygen. Give us a call. And let us know where that flood would be just a week or report on it at any point.

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