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None of them fared very well except for Ben Roethlisberger who was the only ones who win his super bowl but he did have the lowest passer rating for winning quarterback in Super Bowl history so a managed to get that done by the rest of the team didn't really rely on Ben and that Super Bowl but breath. I think it's interesting about this narrative because obviously it hasn't worked out for any of the younger quarterbacks in this game Patrick mahomes actually has more. Start Jimmy Garoppolo Jimmy. Garoppolo twenty twenty eight. Patrick Mahomes was twenty. Four Patrick has thirty five starts to Jimmy Garoppolo twenty so technically Jimmy is the lower them experience Orient. Well this game. Also Jimmy G. GOTTA sit for a couple years. Patrick got set the first of all. They're both very lucky. They've had great coaching right. I mean ballot L. A.. Check Shanahan. Andy Reid I I know you know. Lamar Jackson gets horrible. You Know Russell Wilson gets it's Pete Carroll Jimmy G. Gets Kyle Shanahan. There's you know. Say What you about Mike McCarthy. That's pretty good. I coach in the NFL. For Aaron Rodgers I think think sometimes we undervalue Josh. Allen Has Sean McDermott in Buffalo. We've you and I both said this all year that day. Well coached football team. He's he's definitely definitely a candidate for coach near Mahomes is good enough. He's the rare player. That's good enough to overcome an average coach but most great quarter. I'm an almost all I can't think of any. I can't think of a big of a quarterback that has had a great great career. That hasn't had a good coach. Marino had Jimmy Johnson and Shula elway had had Shanahan too much of a team.

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