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It's a tiny amount of just blue chip albro talents every other players replaceable every stinking one for example i didn't love when the raiders cut michael crabtree and then side jordy nelson but at the end of the day it's not that big a deal it may work it may not but it is not going to be the reason they win or lose michael crabtree who had played twenty plus touchdowns last several years had been one of the better raiders free agents you know in the last twenty years is a replaceable player you don't even flinch on replacing him and he'd been good for them he been there goto receiver didn't even flinch in trust me i did not like the move but i don't i have no problem with you attempting to replace a player i'm all for replacement this is a pro business podcast i'm a pro movement in pro cutting players opinion guy that's where i say i would hang my hat i want turn over that's the healthiest way to be we've seen it bill checks given us the blueprint the key though with being able to flip players is you have to have the quarterback seattle not only landed the quarterback in the third round he became a superstar the most important employees on your football team they have think about that like the difference i was thinking about it this weekend the difference between a dynasty like what what new england's doing even if let's say new england hadn't won five super bowls they only one three but they still got into eight they've been all these afc championship games that's the goal sustained success no lows and you should not have walls when you have a quarterback we'll get the green bay packers they've only won one suitable during the aaron rodgers run but every year they're in the.

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