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In the studio heading to the bottom of the seventh at yankee stadium gangqi is in the brave and the rubber game from the bronx atlanta coming into this one owning a two and a half game lead on the phillies sending julio theron who was on point in the first inning against the yankees lineup and now another call on a check swing he struck out the side aaron hicks goes down judge gardner before him at the end of one inning play the braves nothing the yankees nothing all the yankees thus far struck out toronto in search of back to back wins in nearly two months would give up an rbi single to greg bird make it a one nothing lead for the yankees who in the third with two on and two outs instep giancarlo stanton here's the pitch swung carlo gene car gm car gone three run homer john carlos stanton he put that one into the second tier of the bleachers stands twenty first home run of the season back to back games going yard for the yankees slugger it was for nothing in the yankees wouldn't stop from there long vibe all deep left field he may have done it it's deep and i don't think it's playable homerun kyle out yoko three four three and the akis lead five to nothing his third home run in four days yankees have a five two lead as we head to the bottom of the seventh let's get you back out to yankee stadium in the bronx once again alongside chris singleton here's keith olbermann brick thanks very much a happy birthday to john sterling whose birthday was saluting in that stanton home run call he doesn't do that but it's kind of his homeless a data to the luis gutierrez is pitching again for the braves i bitched gardner outside for a ball so the yankees lead here five to two they have seen the last of julio tehran and gardner whose over two of the walk leads with judge on deck and hicks to follow miserable.

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