Ian John, Alley, Abby Quinn discussed on The No Film School Podcast - 'Landline': How to Avoid Sophomore Slump and Make Your Second Feature


That you do it in you know i think it's with uh rehearsing obviously anna independent film you don't get a ton of time as much time as i would like but sitting around and having conversations reading the script um out loud at a table read within pairing off and working with different you know with this movie it was great because everyone we could pera off we could parafid ian john and have like a little many rehearsal with them we definitely paired off jenny an abby abby quinn plays alley and his younger sister um and uh you know then working with the costumes and hair and up so there's all these little stages that occur before you actually yell action the first day but often because of the lack of rehearsal time the establishing shot tends to be a little bit of a rehearsal for everyone um obviously on day twenty you know we're we're really living in our roles um and parts and the actors really know who these characters are but um they also come to the table with a lot of theor own thoughts you know ed is amazing eating falco who plays pat in the movie is been doing this for so long has been in so many of my favorite movies and television shows and she has this like i i've said this before but this bullshit detector where she is able to sort of fine the truth in each scene and the pieces of that truth in an we've them together where it's like all of the excess junk has just gone and that can be done with removing word or that could be done with the way she.

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