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Will start to change over to freezing rain or sleet already seeing just a little bit just to Ah, the west of Osgood and for sales and South East Indiana in northern Kentucky. The rain line right now is just to the south of all went in. And south of Fleming's Berg. But is that works north over the next hour or so we could start to run into some problems. It's going to depend on the temperature in your area is this rain hits? There are few announcements for schools already this morning Mason County schools in northern Kentucky Prebble Shawnee National Trials, Local schools in south of south of Ohio have all decided they're going to be closed today. You can check the list throughout the morning at 700 w w dot com Search closings now latest traffic weather together from the UC help traffic center, You see health in science lives. Hope of doubled up on the problems on North bound 75 just before the Brent Spence bridge right center. Lane is currently blocked off with an accident. And that is banking tramping through the cutting The hill just after you get past the wreck, there's a broken down that's over on the right shoulder Cruising working with Rex on eastbound 74 75 on 7 47. Just over. 1 29 Chuck Ingram News Radio 700 WLW. Now the latest forecast from the advanced Industry Weather Center advanced industry would like to say thanks. It's an honor to serve our community during this time and always visit no fear. Dennis Don Kam. Freezing rain arriving on about an hour in the tri state heavy rain this afternoon with a high today of 39 Scattered showers tonight. Well, 36 clouds tomorrow.

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