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Trying to put into a seven game losing streak now on the center goes Jones play fake rolls right looks and again have Smith is tied into breaks a tackle for forty five is up near midfield will be taken down at the New York forty nine the tackle made by Blake Martinez the linebacker out of Stanford who leads the Packers in tackles on the season and that's the first first out of the game for the giants I like it a couple wrong you'll play actually roll brutal gets bigger jobs out of the pocket away from that pass rusher yet yeah it's one of those guys a quality about it was that there is going after good job be a call for the football get the first Abu this that first intend near midfield for the giants se Kwan Barkley stands to the left Jones play fake out of the gun now he stepped up in the parking lot to the far sideline it's caught a slight hesitant side the Packer fourteen goes out of bounds what about the thirty eight that'll be a pickup of fourteen the first dial jobs really call the pocket right there you got talks Preston Smith number ninety one coming off his right side did a good job collapse the pocket get the hand on a they are Joe just kind of stepped up in the pocket possible out there who's who's the nice full drive the goggles the nice nice patter on there by slightly pushed off here Alexander is a to open up the sideline and came back to the ball and now with the with the giants come up to the line of scrimmage and I believe they may be reviewing this previous play I didn't think there was any question regarding the feet for Slayton.

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